Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Mercenaries, an Adventurers Conversion Preview

I mentioned a few weeks back that FFG would soon release a set of pre-painted figures for The Adventurers the Pyramid of Horus, and I said I thought the would make good mercs. So, to that end I’m beginning to work on some conversions. Now, these will take weeks so be patient.

See a preview after the jump…

A Tannhauser conversion based on Edgar Rice.

Meet Colonel van Zyl, a South African mercenary and former soldier.

hero1 copy

Van Zyl is a survivor of the Second Boer War, and was placed in a concentration camp in 1901 when he was only 10. His father and mother were both killed defending their farm from the British. He lived in the camp for over a year, and was simply tossed out on the street at war’s end. He spent most of his teen years homeless and in one form of trouble or another. He would eventually face serious assault charges stemming from an attempted robbery. The judge gave him the choice of jail or the army, he chose the army.

He entered military service at the age of 17, and quickly made corporal. The constant conflict in Africa provided may opportunities for this natural leader to distinguish himself, he would go on to become the youngest colonel in the South African army, but at age 40, he had a bit of a mid-life crisis and left the army to become an adventurer and mercenary.

For the last two decades he has been selling his skills to the highest bidder, and making a fortune selling off priceless antiquities. And even though he’s in his 60s he shows no sign of weakness, and isn’t ready to retire yet.

Keep an eye out on more The Adventurers customs in the coming weeks.