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Questions and Answers

FFG is due to release an new FAQ for Tannhauser, but until then here is a list of questions and official FFG answers.

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Rule Questions with official answers provided by Andrew Meredith and Adam Sadler:

1: When using the revised rules, is Zor'ka still immune to her own Magnifier attacks?

Answer: Zor'ka and Voïvodes are all immune to the Magnifier attacks.

2: Does the Masque of Samhain (Asteros bonus token) also works if the character is targeted by a counterattack?

Answer: If the Character wearing the Mask of Samhain attacks another character, they may be targeted by a counterattack.

3: Zor'ka is equipped with her Command Pack including Presence ("You may not be targeted by Mental Duels."). She also is given the Masque of Samhain (She needs to be defeated in a Mental Duel before she may be targeted by an attack). Is it now possible to attack her at all?

Answer: Mask of Samhain should read: This bonus token may not be equipped by characters with the "-" null Mental value.

4: Lucifer states that Oksana can spend an action to activate a pair of Voïvodes. Can she activate a single Voïvode if its mate has been destroyed?

Answer: Yes.

5: The Voïvode token F.A.S states that the Voïvode can repair a character that can be repaired. Which characters can actually be repaired? Is repairing the same as dialing a health indicator up or isn't it? Can destroyed Voïvodes be repaired?

Answer: This is intended to repair destroyed Voïvodes, bringing them back into play.

6: The rules concerning Challenge tokens state: "At any time during the game, a completed challenge token may be returned to the box to provide Oksana's team with 3 Command Points." Can I return the token at the start of the turn and use the 3 Points to introduce a reinforcement?

Answer: Yes.

7: Ranged attacks with pistols or automatic weapons may only target characters sharing a path with the attacker, while melee attacks may target characters adjacent to the attacker even if they don't share a path with the attacker. Right or wrong? Also concerning melee attacks: When Eva Kramer uses Strafe to attack a target at range 2, can she attack a character that doesn't share a path with her?

Answer: A character may always attack an adjacent character, even if out-of-path. When attacking a non-adjacent character with Strafe, Eva must share a path with her target. (there is a little need for clarification as to whether this is all attacks or only melee attacks)

8: When it states, (approximately) "[X effect] affects all Attack Rolls", are Counterattack Rolls affected too?

Answer: If a character gains a bonus, say, +2 to all attack rolls, or in Zermann's instance he uses his best Combat Ability for all attacks, this also effects counter attacks.

9: Do the Smoke Grenade LOS restrictions also apply to the Range of certain items/abilities (like the Patmos Fragment's Range)?

Answer: Smoke Grenades do not effects attacks that do not require line of Sight. So the Patmos Amulet, or attacks with Doom are unaffected by Smoke.

10: Does the "Natural 10 Re-roll" rules ("roll 2 more dice & add the successes") of certain Weapons go into effect every time a Natural 10 is rolled, or just the first time?

Answer: In the case of a weapon like a Flashgun or Flash Machinegun, if any 10s are rolled, whether you roll one or four 10s, you gain the two additional dice. Not two additional dice for every 10 you roll. But with an ability like Yula's "Critical Hit" stats that every single Natural 10 rolled generates 2 successes.

11: What does "you may use this ability once per attack" mean? I thought that you can only Attack once in a round, barring any other special circumstances.

Answer: This is for the special circumstances. Counter attacks are one of those circumstances. If an ability only says once per activation, then the ability would only work during attacks during the character's activation (Counter attacks take place during other characters activation)."

12: In a game, a complex situation came up: Hoss Harbinger was standing in a circle on the same path with Heïzinger. Heïzinger had the Hermetica Occulta. Hoax was invisible with three invisible figures on the board. One of these figures was standing on a circle with a Mental bonus symbol. Hoss tried to swap places with Hoax, raising these questions... Hoax cannot be "targeted" when she is invisible, but Hoss's Chronograph of Jan Ruze does not require a "target" to swap places with another character. Can he use the Chronograph to swap places with an invisible Hoax? (After all, he usually can't see the figures he swaps with anyway.) If so, and Hoss wins the mental duel, who decides which invisible Hoax figure he swaps with?

Answer: When Hoss uses the Chronograph of Jan Ruze, you should declare which figure you will be replacing (which means you need to define which Hoax figure you are replacing) and then engage in the Mental Duel with Hoax.

13: How are invisible Hoax figures affected by bonuses / penalties in circles on the board? If they apply, do they only apply to the figure standing on them or to all the figures?

Answer: Bonuses only apply to the figure standing in the circle. So, if one Hoax moves through a movement penalty circle, that figure must pay the additional movement point. If Hoax makes an attack while invisible, and she stands in a circle that gives her a Combat bonus she gets the bonus. Alternatively, if one Hoax stands in a Green Combat circle, another Hoax elsewhere does not benefit from it.

14: If Hoss is standing on a circle affected by Heïzinger's Hermetica Occulta and he swaps with another character, does the other character have to win a mental duel against Heïzinger to "enter" the circle affected by the Hermetica Occulta? What happens if she loses the mental duel?

Answer: The character forced to move into the circle Hoss first occupied does not take a Mental test, just as their exchanging places does not cause a Schocktruppen nearby on Overwatch to gain an immediate Overwatch attack. The character has to then activate and make a move action or action for a Schocktruppen to use their Overwatch attack.

15: In our case, we ended up with a visible Hoax on Heïzinger's path. On her next activation, she went invisible. Can the new, invisible figures be placed on circles on Heïzinger's path, or does the Hermetica Occulta require them to first win a mental duel? Is "placing" the same as "entering"?

Answer: The Hoax models are placed first (Keep in mind that turning invisible is Hoax's action for the turn. So she will not be able to then attack.) After she turns invisible, if one of the models moves into a circle that is on Von Heïzinger's path, she must THEN take a mental test. If she fails, and Von Heïzinger has the Eye of Horus, she'll immediately become visible again.

16: If Hoss swaps with an invisible Hoax, does she become visible? If so, is it the one that was swapped?

Answer: Unless Hoss was standing in a circle with Smoke, then when he switches with Hoax she does not become visible. If he WAS standing in Smoke, and the movement forces Hoax into Smoke, then she becomes visible. You only have a choice of which Hoax becomes visible when multiple Hoax's become visible at the same time. (i.e. if a Smoke Grenade is thrown onto the path of two invisible Hoax models.) Otherwise, the invisible model that was effected is always the model that becomes visible.

17: Can Zor'ka use Awakening when she has a mental pack containing Presence? (Since she has a null mental characteristic she can't make a mental test.)?

Answer: Presence should read: Treat your Mental stat as if it were a"-." You may not be targeted by Mental attacks. However, when making a mental test for Awakening, use your current mental value on your character sheet.

18: Does Supernatural Strength also apply to Ranged Attacks?

Answer: Supernatural Strength applies to all attacks.

19: Can I use Extra Ammunition with Hand-to-Hand attacks?

Answer: Yes.

20: Can melee attacks be made through doors?

Answer: Yes.

21: In the story scenario 'Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)', can the leader use Regenedrine syringes to > heal themselves after they have become active?

Answer: No, a Leader may not be activated, and thus, even if given a syringe, cannot take an action to use them. The syringe must be administered by another character.

22: Can other characters use Regenedrine syringes to continue healing the leader after he/she becomes active?

Answer: There is no reason why a Leader cannot continue to be healed by Syringes, however, even once fully healed, a Leader can only be healed by syringes, and may never be healed by an ability or piece of hardware, such as First Aid Kit.

23: The Smiljan-B Coil and Prime Directive O says "If Oksana is adjacent to at least one Voïvode when she suffers one or more wounds, she may ignore one wound for each Voïvode she is adjacent to" does this include the ability to neglect automatic wounds?

Answer: Automatic Wound may not be blocked by a Shock Roll. But you may cancel them with Voïvodes adjacent to Oksana.

24: The Tesla coil deals one automatic attack success when it's owner is dealt on or more wounds, my question is if that hit can be combined with a counter-attack or if it and the counter-attack gets separate shock-rolls. If it gets separate shock-rolls I don't see any point with this piece of equipment.

Answer: Yes. The character will need to take a Shock roll for the single automatic attack success made by the Tesla Coil. If they suffer any wounds they will need to take a shock roll to cancel those, too. The Tesla coil provides that free attack success. If it goes through it may cause your opponent to spend one of their Command Points or suffer a wound, which will make it more likely you'll harm them with the counter-attack easier.

25: If Oksana and Irishka are on the same team and Irishka have the command pack equipped, dose her Smiljan coil turn into a Smiljan-b coil and prime directive 0?

Answer: Smiljan-B (on page 5 of Oksana's rulebook) should read: Add an additional die to all of your attack rolls for every Smiljan Coil on your path, not including yourself. (This may be a Smiljan Coil or a Smiljan-B coil.) Prime Directive "0" is: If Oksana is adjacent to at least one Voïvode when she suffers one or more wounds, she may ignore one wound for each Voïvode she is adjacent to.

26: Prime Directive "0" is: If Oksana is adjacent to at least one Voïvode when she suffers one or more wounds, she may ignore one wound for each Voïvode she is adjacent to.

Answer: A pair of Voïvodes would together be the Leader. If one of them activates a location, that Voïvode's activation ends. The second Voïvode may still activate, but may not also activate the space and score a point.

27: "Can a Bonus Token replace a Special Object?"

Answer: Yes, there is nothing in the rules preventing this.

28: Does the Trench Gun only do damage if you cannot move the target equal to the amount un-canceled successes, or does it do damage as on page 22 like a normal weapon?

Answer: The trench gun does damage just like a normal weapon. The movement penalty produces additional automatic wounds that are added to any damage dealt as normal.

29: Can Hoax be targeted by weapons, etc, that do not require Line of Sight, such as Doom, Patmos Amulet, Aethon, Sha-Na-Ra?

Answer: While invisible, Hoax cannot be targeted by enemy characters. This includes abilities that can target characters out-of-path, such as Doom, Patmos Amulet, Aethon, and Sha-Na-Ra.

30: If a grenade explodes into a circle that has got a rubble (token) yet, is new rubble token added, and movement penalty too, in the same circle?

Answer: If a circle already has rubble, a new rubble token is not added due to the grenade.

31: Dose the AN-M11 produce smoke and fire?

Answer: The AN-M11 (fire grenade) does not produce smoke or limit line of sight like a normal smoke grenade. The fire effect replaces the smoke effect. The only way it functions like a smoke grenade is the way it is thrown by a character.

32: Hand-to-hand weapons are useless if you are also equipped with a ranged weapon. However, Wolf and Brown for example have such redundant equipment. Isn't there a design issue here?

Answer: Hand-to-hand weapons are still useful when performing a free melee attack, such as after a failed bull rush. In addition, Barry Daniel Brown cannot launch an Overwatch attack with his Flash Machine Gun A6A because of the Heavy trait, but he can use his knife for an Overwatch attack.

33: Smoke Grenade rules: "Any character standing on a circle filled with smoke can only attack targets in adjacent circles" From the FAQ: "Q: How do Grenades interact with Smoke Grenades? A: If a character is on a path under the effects of smoke, he may only target adjacent circles for his grenade." But when you throw a grenade you are not making an attack.

Answer: This is correct. Throwing a grenade does not constitute making an attack so it would not be affected by the smoke grenade. The FAQ will be update to reflect this.

34: It seems it was ruled that Doom ignores smoke for the reason that it "does not require LOS". Doom is an attack, and it requires a target. According to smoke rules, it should not ignore smoke. Smoke rules do not talk about LOS.

Answer: Doom does not ignore smoke.

35: Can you field 4 Voïvodes with Oksana. We don't find that the rules are clear enough and both interpretations (2 or 4) seem possible.

Answer: Yes, you can field 4 Voïvodes with Oksana. However, this would replace both Troopers on that team.

36: Ramirez' Weapon (Mark 19 Mod A1). When it attacks, does it count as "targeting" models he rolls against (for the purpose of effects requiring a Mental Duel before targeting, such as the Masque of Samhain)? On the same token, can you make a Counter attack with this weapon? Can it be used while affected by Patmos Amulet?

Answer: If the chosen circle contains a character, then it counts as targeting that character. You can launch a counterattack with the Mark 19 Mod A1 and it can be used while affected by the Patmos Amulet.

37: Heïzinger's Hermetica Occulta. "A given character may only initiate this mental duel once per activation. This duel must be fought each time a character wishes to enter into a circle on your path". Suppose a model starts its activation in the middle of Heïzinger's path. In order to move, do you need to win a duel (you are already in Hermann's path? If the answer is that you have to win the duel, and you if you lose it, then you cannot move, right? If you win the duel, you may go wherever you want, right?

Answer: A character may move to a circle on a different path if able because he only needs to test if he enters a circle on Von Heïzinger's path.

38: The fire grenade (AN-M11) from Commando Delta's Command pack. "Each time a character enters a circle on the same path as a Fire token, he suffers three Automatic Successes." Is that for each circle or only once where you enters an on fire path ? It looks like it's on each circle but, for example, if I am not wrong, you only make one mental duel against Hermann's Hermetica Occulta for the whole path, and it has the same "once per circle" wording (seen question 5).

Answer: A character suffers three automatic successes for each circle he moves into.

39: Oksana's Voïvode make take the F.A.S. equipment, which reads: "This Voïvode may repair any adjacent character that can be repaired." It does not say it requires the Voïvode's action. So it is free? Is it a once per activation thing?

Answer: The F.A.S requires an action to perform. This will be added to the FAQ.

Remember all of these answers while they are official, they are still subject to change and an new FAQ will overrule these answers.

I'm going to go over all these and attempt to parse out all the inconsistent answers, but this may take a while.