Monday, September 5, 2011

Tannhauser Event Card Deck

I’m working on series of scenarios, a small campaign, but the gimmick for this small campaign is a deck of 40 “event” cards. While this concept isn’t fully finished, I don’t have complete rules for when you draw the cards, etc., but I do have the cards themselves.

Take look after the jump.

cards1 cards2cards3 cards4

Right now in this testing phase we’ve been using these cards in regular games of Deathmatch or Objective Mode, and we’ve been drawing them before an action is declared. So if you do not preform an Action during your activation, you do not draw a card.

We played a Deathmatch game last night and it was a really different kind of fun, strategies that were sound, went out the window in just a second. The biggest game changers were, “Ill Wind”, “Ashes…”, and “The Bombs Continue to Fall”.

I’m one of those people that like random game events, and if you are too try these out, and see what you think.