Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Adventurers: Conversion Part II

Here is my new fully custom character sheet for my Tannhauser conversion of the characters from FFG’s The Adventurers.


I’ll be posting some more character sheets for this custom faction as Tannhauser Month continues. For a little more the character above, see me after the jump…

This is Albert Xastre-Smicht, the only son of of a German born plantation owner in Brazil. Albert’s mother was a local, and he’s grown up in the lap of luxury. His family is one of the largest employers in the Rio area, and now owns many businesses thought-out Brazil.

Albert was spoiled by his mother and tutored by a former Oxford professor, but he was always board. He ran off at 21 to join the Army of the Union, but soon realized that he and rules just didn’t mix, and so he deserted. Still craving adventure, he became a mercenary pirate mostly smuggling weapons and drugs through the South Pacific, before he’d eventually come into the employ of Colonel Zyl, where he has remained now for sometime.

Albert is a unique character on the battlefield he is never seen with out his trademark white pants and jacket, and is often seen wearing his sunglasses at night. He often refuses to get his hands or his cloths dirty, and has never been seen in a fist-fight, somehow he always managing to avoid them. Should he find himself in trouble he cannot talk his way out of, he is quick to draw his massive .454 Cassul revolver, and he has little compunction over killing even an unarmed man. But despite his temperamental and arrogant nature Zyl keeps him around and provides him with plenty of leeway because of his exceptional intelligence, and ability to talk his way past almost any guard or customs official, makes Albert an often invaluable resource.