Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Blank Equipment Cards!

For everyone out there working on customs, I bring you blank Equipment Cards (all the graphic are after the jump). I based these on scans, and some images of the cards culled from the web, after much Photo Shopping they are here and complete.

See how to use them after the jump…

Ok, all you need are these graphics, your token art, some text and some graphic editing software. (I will be posting blank tokens later). The fonts you’ll need for that official FFG look are Stencil Standard for the titles, and Times New Roman or Helvetica for the body text and the die reference.

First an example…


Now the blanks, the “blank token” should be covered completely by your custom token. Also the font should be 8 point, unless you have a lot of text like the above example, then you can lower it to 6 point. For the die reference use 10 point, and if your token does not use dice just leave it blank. The official cards actually have different art for card that do not require dice, but for simplicity, I did not do both versions. (I would have had to make twice as many cards.)

Because of the process used to create these they are not 100% accurate to the FFG originals, so no nitpicking, one final note I could not get the Bonus Pack tab so there are none of those here. And now remember click them for a larger res image.

blank bonus token cardblank combat cardblank combat command cardblank combat stamina cardblank combat stamina command cardblank command cardblank special cardblank stamina cardblank stamina command card

Hope you enjoy using them, you’ll see my first set later, and now to work on blank tokens…