Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Custom Character Sheets…

I’ve had a few requests for the custom Character Sheets I use for my custom Tannhauser characters, but I use very complex files that would not be particularly useful to armatures or even to most Photo Shop pros. So I’ve created a new character sheet geared towards ease of use.

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This new sheet has virtually everything perpendicular so you don’t have to rotate images or the text you add. It’s also fairly pain so it’s not too faction specific. As always click each image for a larger version before saving them.

Character Card Exp

Above you see the Jpeg blank version of the sheet just paste your character image in the space above the dog tags, and don’t worry about covering the paperclip. Then add all the text.

Here is an example of what text to add.

Character Card Exp copy

Now, for those of you with a little more skill, here is a PNG version of the same image with a transparent “hole” for the character image, so you can just layer it in beneath the sheet image, and again just add the text on top of the image.

Character Card Exp copy

I know that it looks like a giant black hole in the above image, but that is just my blog showing through the “window”.

And finally here is a link to a PSD for Photo Shop (created in CS3 Extended) This file already has most of the text layers you’ll need thought you may have to change the fonts: Character Sheet PSD. After following the link you can use the Google Docs “file” menu to “download original”.

Your final step is to add the Affiliation Stamps I posted earlier, in the little box above the coffee ring (health indicator circle) Then add your skill icons, which you can cut and past from this PNG with a transparent background, they fit in between the two black lines at the top of the “Status” card.


As with any brief tutorial like this, I haven’t covered everything so if you have any questions, just leave a comment below.