Saturday, October 29, 2011

Fan Submission: #16 Custom Figure

Brian first sent us the wonderful #16 custom character, and now here’s a look at a custom built figure. This really shows of what you can do with some figs, a craft knife and some glue.


We all apologize for the picture quality, but it had to be taken with a phone, due to circumstances beyond our control.

Here’s what went in to building #16.

The clear helmet and jet pack from - HeroClix: Mr. Freeze # 23 (Experienced) - Batman Alpha.

The top hat from - Mad Hatter #046 Rookie DC Heroclix Hypertime.

The rocket hands from - Heroclix CRIMSON DYNAMO Armor Wars Rookie #070.

The main body - Juggernaut War Droid from Star Wars miniature game.

The Star Wars mini comes attached to nearly the correct base. Its just a matter of gluing the rest of the stuff to the robot. Of course a more talented modder would probably add a few more details but that was my solution.