Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fan Submission: Adventurers Conversion Part X

This is the final character in “The Mercenaries” custom faction. I did not create this character instead it’s from my Wife.

Meet Orihime Kuchiki, a former oiran (prostitute) who was once the daughter of a powerful Daimyo.

hero 6

She was betrothed to a rival lords son at a young age in order to bring peace between the two families. However, her husband was a fool and a gambler, and soon his family’s fortune was squandered. He sold Orihime to a oiran house in order to satisfy his debts, the money she earned would pay for his folly. But she was the proud only child of a powerful samurai, and would not take this treatment. She used her skills to escape, and left her husband to fend for himself. Leaving her marriage was meant she could not return home, nor could she bring her dishonor to her father’s house…

Here is her cards and tokens.