Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fan Submission: Custom Campaign Mode

Here is another submission from Moebius U-Chronic.

This is my first approach to campaign rules for Tannhauser, I have previously played a game called blood-bowl and what I loved most about it were the fact that after each game the teams could go up or down, (Improving or having to lick their wounds).

This is not a whole campaign, the argument, maps and scenarios are still missing, these are just the background rules you need to have that "after game" effect and make things happen from mission to mission.

This campaign rules are meant to be as simple as possible and are tuned for short campaigns (5-10 Games per faction) for up to 4 players, I have not play-tested them, and I welcome feedback.

1- Factions:

Each player chooses a faction, players can't choose Mercenaries for their teams, reason below.

For this campaign Gorgei will count as having the matriarchy affiliation symbol, so to all effects Gorgei is just another Matriarchy character.

For this campaign Wolf counts as having the Shogunate affiliation symbol , so to all effects wolf is just another Shogunate character.

If a character "dies" during a game at the end of that game, the player controlling his faction will roll once on the casualty table for each "dead" character during the mission.

Casualty Table:


1-3 Dead! Hero is lost. Any equipment he/she carried is also lost unless any character picked his equipment from the floor, that character can use that equipment in future missions as if it were a bonus token. The hero cannot be chosen during this campaign anymore, a different hero must be chosen from that faction hero pool.

4-5 Badly Injured: Hero misses next game and goes down 1 row in characteristics, if already at initial row treat the result as "Injured".

6-7 Injured: Hero misses next game.

8-0 Just a scratch!: Hero is as good as new!

If a faction does not have enough Heroes to put in the field, that faction will field an extra trooper, that faction will also count as having 2 less XP for balancing purposes (see point 5)

2-Heroes and Troops:

Each Hero has 4 wounds and Each Trooper has 3, use a six side dice on top of the character sheet to keep track of the wounds. Heroes and troops initially use the lowest characteristic value row independently of the wounds he has left unless experience has been spent to "purchase" a higher row (see section 3).

If a character has bought rows he will use the topmost row until he is wounded enough to be on a lower row using the normal game rules. This means that a Hero with all the rows purchased will function as normal, while a hero with just 2 rows purchased (that means 3rd and 4th row) will use the 3rd row until he is back to 1 wound, at that moment he will use the 4th row.

Each player selects an "initial pack" for each Hero, that is the only pack the hero will be able to use in the campaign unless an extra package is bought with experience, initially heroes do not have bonus tokens, these must be purchased with XPs.

The Matriarchy player has to select two initial tokens for the voivodes (just two for the four voivodes so at first game all 4 voivodes wear the same combination)

Oksana has an initial voivode token additional ones must also be bought with xps.

3-Spending Experience:

Experience points can be used as follows:

- To buy next row of characteristics for a Hero.

- To buy next row of characteristics for a trooper type (all troopers of that type will receive the benefit)

- To buy an extra package for a Hero or a Troop type.

- To buy a bonus token for a Hero

- To buy an extra equipment token for a voivode

2 experience points may be used to" buy" 1 experience point for a different Hero or for a troop type.

Use this sheet to keep track of the faction progress: (click for larger)


4- Earning experience

Troops do not earn experience (although XPs can be spent on them)

Heroes Earn experience as follows:

- For surviving a mission 1 XP

- For killing at least 1 Hero in the mission 1Xp (regardless of casualty roll)

-MVP 1XP (1 MVP for each side is chosen by the two players after each match, If both players can't agree no MVPs are awarded)

- Winning a mission 1 XP awarded to any surviving hero or to a troop type.

5-Balancing the game (playtest would be needed to fine tune game balance)

A faction that is doing well might field more powerful factions that one that is not, to measure this, count the amount of XP spent in each faction.

The faction that has less Total XP chooses the map entrance(s) first and has a +2 in initiative rolls for the whole game.

If a Faction fields 4 XP less than its opponent it receives 1 command point extra per turn per each 4 XP less that it is fielding, this is cumulative with the above

If a faction fields 8 XP less than the other faction, that faction can choose a legendary hero for that game (Asteros), apply usual restrictions and effects, this is cumulative with the above.

The Shogunate so far has 1 less hero character than the rest of players in his pool, for that reason Shogunate ignores the first "Dead" result they get on the casualty table and treats it as "Just a Scratch"

6- Comments

Mask of shamhain cannot be chosen as a bonus token (no mercs, remember?)

There is no bonus token limit.

"Use once per game" equipment is replenished after each game.

I initially thought of awarding "+1" to 1 stat per XP, but it would create too powerful characters as the D10 system is too sensitive to tweak with and this way it provides balance. Also buying entire rows instead of +1 stats makes the system simpler (and way cleaner for keeping track of the actual stats of the character) and it is devised so when they have more than one row the penalties for being wounded as in the classic games still apply. This way you can see the character really evolve with time, and have fun in the first games with an "I'm surrounded by morons!" feeling. That's another really cool thing about blood-bowl, everything is harder to do at first, and people easier to kill, with time things get easier and people tougher.

I am trying to make these rules universal, anybody can think of the mission scenarios, maps, story and the consequences of winning and losing each mission and apply these simple rules for faction evolution, equipment and such.

I have distributed the mercenaries with a purely balance criteria and try to have each faction with 5 heroes and 2 troop types, that's why I assigned wolf to the Shogunate (they only have 3 heroes so far) and gave them the "save first dead" ticket.

The overall focus of the rules is to "keep it simple", these are campaign rules that the only extra material they need is the tracker and D6 die.

I have play tested the wound and bottom row system, starting the campaign this way makes for a completely different game experience, suddenly abilities like Barry's or Karl's (to always roll with a top row attribute) are very powerful , and on general terms the lack of combat skill is balanced by the lack of stamina. The main effect is that characters are slower moving at the beginning of the campaign, (celerity is also more powerful) Grenades are terrific..

All in all the initial games have an entire new balance, a good side effect of this is that less used hero packs get to see the light.

On average each faction will receive 4-5 XPs per game, a faction should have 1 hero "topped up" by the third game and 3 heroes "topped up" by the 6th if there are not too many deaths.

I really hope someone tries these rules and gives me feedback! please do it at: