Monday, October 24, 2011

Fan Submission: Tannhauser Online

Here is an awesome submission from Mobius U-Chronic…

I have been playing Tannhauser for a while and also came across the difficulty to play Tannhauser with someone over a distance. I have seen some of the trials done by people like Miah but decided to give it my own try on a different direction.

I have done so using a well known software often used for pen and paper role playing over the internet called "Fantasy Grounds 2", together with a voice program like Skype.

The program has a free demo which is all you need to play Tannhauser (as it is restricted to only 1 client and 1 host and that's all we need for 2 players), it can be downloaded here: just click the option "no serial" during the installation.

The only other piece you need (only for the computer that is going to act as a host) is the "Tannhauser for FGII campaign" I have created for the tool which can be found here:

To install it, with FGII installed go to start -- > programs --> Fantasy Grounds II and then click on "Application data folder", unzip the content there, overwriting if prompted.

clip_image002Once it is installed just open the program, on the host click on "Load demo Campaign" and select "Tannhauser".

clip_image004Once the program is open click on the "Story" box, (top right) and the rest is explained inside! the tokens can be found on the token box at the bottom

I would really like to receive feedback!

As you will see in the credits the campaign is not finished yet, if you want to contribute just forward me the missing bits that appear on the wish-list.

clip_image006Here is a capture of how it looks during a game, (it looks cluttered due to small screen space but try it in a 1920 monitor, there is plenty of room!!)

Some features:

- Characters sheets can be minimized for convenience and screen real state

- Integrated dice roller

- Integrated tables for randomly rolling challenges and crate contents

- Tokens can be rotated freely (so the stats marker actually work as intended in real life!

- Community created maps inside!

Any questions or suggestions (apart than on Miah's blog) may be emailed to:

Hi Res Screen Shot

(click for larger version)