Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fan Submission: Union Stratagems

Meister H. brings us a collection of tips for Union play, and even a few hints for the villains among you…

The Union

A strategy guide, sort of.

The Union is compromised of some of the most brave and daring, but perhaps not the most mentally stable (a statement I'll return to later), folks from the 42nd MSF division. With the help of alien technology and a not so healthy amount of explosives they fight the occult forces of the Reich, except when they're fighting the Matriarchy or the Shogunate.

Just like Batman the Union relies on gadgets and snazzy trinkets, which sometimes is good and sometimes bad. The good thing about gadgets is that they're drop-able, the bad thing about them; they're drop-able. Most of the Union characters can drop their items or give them to an ally when they die or are expecting to expire. This is a good thing as a Union player since it often means you won't lose an ability just because a character dies, which some of the other teams have problems with. But on the other hand, this allows enemy characters to steal your fancy trinkets and use them against you. And lets face it, a flash gun is only really fun when you're not on the receiving end of it.

And while we're on the subject of guns, lets talk about how you can use them. Guns in Tannhäuser should be used against your enemy on a safe distance, aka out of reach for a murderous Stosstruppen. Guns make it easy to use hit-and-run tactics against the other teams since you don't have to go near them.

But how should you play the Union? Well, it's a good question since you can't just go guns a blazing the entire time. Sometimes it works, but at most times, it doesn't. Tannhäuser is a game of planning, being able to counter certain abilities and a bit of luck. When I play as the Union I often try to use a technique I call "herding" which, as the name implies, is about gathering together the enemy forces. This can be achieved by using fast characters to surround the enemy and throwing smoke- and fire-grenades to create dangerous paths. And when the enemy is crowded together you pour grenades and bullets on their heads for a quick victory.

But what other strengths are there to the Union? For one, they have pretty good stats. They've got better starting stats then most Reich and Matriarchy heroes, though the Shogunate heroes trumps them. And on top of this their heroes are sturdy, durable. Take Barry or Ramirez for example, both have very good stamina values (unlike a certain von Heizinger). Also, the Union is the only team where every hero have a initiative booster and passive abilities, such as the initiative boosters, only works as long as the character providing it is alive.

Now maybe you're thinking: "but I don't want to play as the Union, I want to crush them instead" then I have some tips and pointers for you. To begin with; most Union characters suffer from mental instability - for some reason unknown and are easy targets for mental abilities. Secondly, they use guns, guns require line of sight to be used against opponents. The Reich have several characters who doesn't need line of sight, which means they can hide from you whilst still being able to make you suffer. Thirdly the smoke- and fire-grenades, as powerful as they are, are also a double edged sword since you too are affected by them. The Shogunate on the other hand have characters who aren't impeded by the smoke.

So whatever you're planning on saving the world with alien technology or dominating it with occult and supernatural forces I hope you found this text somewhat enjoyable.

Meister H logging out.