Thursday, October 13, 2011

Irina’s Spiritual Guide Tokens

Here are my revised rules edition Spiritual Guide token set, these were originally released by Ravage Magazine in France, for Tannhauser first edition.

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Irina’s Spiritual Guide pack is similar to the Winter Packs, for John and Eva, and it featured three tokens and a new character sheet, (You can see the character sheet here.) Before I get to the actual new rules for this pack; let me say that these are 100% new, because, the original versions were so tied to the 1st edition rules that they were completely unusable in the revised version.

The first token is the Volta-Nagant Pistol – This weapon combines the Volta-Pistol with a Nagant Revolver, firing a simultaneous charge of electricity with each bullet.

Weapon, Pistol – This weapon add +1 to your current Combat Value, in addition each natural 10 you roll counts as two successes.

Next is the Relic of Riourik – This holy relic imbues it bearer with the protection of the Saints.

Ability – Roll one additional die when making a Shock Roll.

Finally we have the Spiritual Guide – The gods guide those in their favor.

Ability – Any Hero with the Matriarchy affiliation stamp on Irina’s team may use an unlimited number of Bonus Tokens.

And here are the Tokens in the same order:

guide tokens

This was always a very interesting pack, and I hope I’ve managed to preserve it’s idea if not it’s original playability.