Saturday, October 15, 2011

It Doesn’t Matter How Old They Are…

A while back I post the ages of some of the world leaders of Tannhauser, but how about everyone else.

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Again we’ll be living in 1950…

In the Union:

John MacNeal, 40 (born 1910)

Tala Aponi, 17 (born 1933)

Barry D. Brown, 33 (born 1917)

Sergio Ramirez D., 43 (born 1907)

Caitlin Lamsburry, 12 (born 1938)

Admiral F. D. Roosevelt, 68 (born 1882)

Major General James C. Edison, 45 (born 1905)

And in the Reich:

Hoss Harbinger, ??? (born before recorded history)

Hermann von Heizinger, 94 (born 1856)

Yula and Anna Korlitz, 28 (born 1922, Anna is most likely dead)

Eva Kramer, 33 (born 1917)

Karl Zermann, 48 (born 1902)

In the Matriarchy:

Zor’ka, ??? (the human vessel in the armor is of an unknown age, and the entity worshiped as the goddess Zor’ka is also of an unknown age)

Irina Kravchenko, 31 (born 1919)

Irishka Voronin, 26 (born 1924)

Gorgei Volkov, 35 (born 1915)

Oksana Gusarenko, ??? (born ????)

Sadly, I have no information for the Shogunate at this time.

WOLF’s exact age is unknown but his first appearance is sometime in 1895, but unconfirmed reports place his first appearance in 1863.

Much of this information if from Tannhauser’s first edition, and may not match exactly with the revised rules.