Sunday, October 16, 2011

A little bit on custom Tannhauser figures…

It’s been suggested that I do an article on what sort of figures to use as the basis for a custom Tannhauser figure, but this is a very expansive topic, and I haven’t personally used many of the available figures out there. Therefore I don’t feel able to comment on this topic in a more generalized style.

So after the jump are the figures I’ve used and a bit about how to choose a figure.

First I want to talk about scale, Tannhauser is a “True 28mm scale”, meaning the average male figure is 28mm tall at the eye line. Now this is an average and of course is based on an average male height of 5’9”.

A little more about scale, because of the innate variations in sculpts and a real variations in a man’s height means that Tannhauser figures are nominally 1:48th scale. The difference between a True 28mm figure and a 1:48th figure is .2 inches at the eye line. So, most 1:48th scale figures that are well proportioned like those from Dust Tactics and many of the Tamyia figures should work well.

So now to the pictures…

One note the bases I use add about .5mm to a figures height.


First we have John MacNeal and a DnD Miniatures Unhollowed Vampire Hunter, and as cool as some of the DnD figures are there is a huge variation in scale, and you never know how their going to look when ordering on-line. For the most part DnD humans are about 32mm so over all they’re way too tall for most. If you care about scale avoid using the humans, and stick with the beast/monsters. But like I said there is a lot of variation, so some figures from DnD do look just fine. 


Next we have John and a AT 43 TacArm, AT 43 humans and human based tech is all very close to that True 28mm we talked about earlier, but it’s often closer to Epic 28mm which is actually about 30mm scale so they can be a little big, but they’re fine for the most part.


Next we have a AT 43 Cog which is the same scale, but is sculpted to be a giant.


Now here is a HeroClix figure of Major Maxim, who is quite tall, and the fact that he is about 32mm scale makes him even taller. In this case because this is a figure who is supposed to be huge, the difference in scale is acceptable.


Here is a comparison shot of Itami and John just so you can get an idea of how Tannhauser figures compare.


Returning to AT 43 we have a Oni Virus Zombie, which are a bit oversized, but not terribly remember John is not the tallest of the Tannhauser figures, just the average.


Here is John and Sgt. Tymofiyeva she compares quite well with other Tannhauser figures and looks very good rebased, and in play.


Here is a DnD Wrack Spawn, figures like this make good generic monsters and scale is not an issue in these cases.


Here is another Tann. to Tann. comparison, this time it’s John and Asteros.


Here is a Redbloc trooper from AT 43, these like many At 43 figures look very good next to their Tannhauser counterparts.


Here is a DnD War Ape which again makes for a good beast, and the scale here is quite nice.


AT 43’s Therians come in a variety of sizes, the smallest of them is very close to Tannhauser human scale.


And Finally another HeroClix this time it’s Batman, who is about 32mm scale and therefore ends up being an impressive 7’6” approx. Which is a bit tall for the Dark Knight. Sadly most the HeroClix stuff is 32-34mm scale making them too tall for the perfectionists among us.

These are of course all pre-painted figures and are usually ready to play after a quick re-baseing. This makes them all good choices when looking to get a figure in to play quick, and sometimes sacrificing a little scale accuracy for convenience is acceptable. And sometimes an oversized figure lends to their epic-ness.