Saturday, October 1, 2011

October Bonus Token

It’s October and to celebrate I’m going to be posting as often as possiable, So, let’s kick of Tannhauser Month with a new bonus token. I’ve been waiting to post this bonus token all year.

The Curse of the Werewolf

nutral backwerewolf

Werewolves, synonymous with Halloween, are monsters that have captured the human imagination for centuries. This legend dates all the way back to Grecian times where there was even a cult based around it. The meaning of Werewolf literally means man wolf, Were- meaning man in old English and Wolf is the infamous wild dog that inhabits the wilderness and many fairytales alike...

Ability • This token does not take up an equipment slot.

Once per game you may "transform" into a Werewolf. To do so, place this token under your character's model (this does not require an action). For the next two turns this character is a Werewolf, and may not use any of their regular equipment, or spend Command Points. They are considered to have the following stats regardless of their Health Status. Combat =7, Stamina =6, Mental =—, and Movement = 8. Additionally they are considered to be equipped with the following Weapon.

Werewolf Claws and Fangs

Weapon, Hand-to-Hand • When attacking with this weapon add two additional dice to your attack roll. Additionally if you roll at least one Natural 10 on your attack roll, roll two additional dice and add their results to the attack roll.

After using this ability this character looses their next activation, and must pass this token to any character they wounded while they were a Werewolf, the character receiving this token may use it as above. If no such character is still alive then discard this token.

The red border makes the token easier to see which character is the Werewolf, if available a miniature may be used to represent the Werewolf.

Now, I know this one is a little complex but try it and you’ll see it plays rather intuitively.