Sunday, October 23, 2011

Old version rules I kind of miss…

In 2009 when the Revised Rules were announced, I was very excited because I thought there were a lot of problems with the old rules. I didn’t think they were broken like a lot of folks but I thought they could stand some improvement. One rule I was happy to see disappear was the minimum range requirements, because their just illogical, a gun becomes more accurate and deadly the closer you get, and not vice versa. However, there were some rules I was sad to see gone.

See what they were after the jump…

The fist one was the “Two Hero, Three Trooper” option, which allowed one more trooper to be used instead of a hero.

Next, was the “Custom Pack” rule which allowed you to use any equipment you wanted, except your “Special Object”, I loved this rule, some characters were more useful with three custom assigned token then any of their packs. Back then a Schocktruppen with a MP40, a grenade, and Extra Ammo, was pretty devastating.

“Equipment Stacking”, in the old rules equipment of the same type (same traits) could be stacked. I.e. if had a “grenade” and you picked up another “grenade” out of a crate, you could stack the second one on top of the first, and have two “grenades” in your inventory.

“Accumulating Victory Points”, Victory Points, now called Command Points (CP), did not reset back to two or three at the beginning of each turn, in stead their total was maintained turn to turn. This has actually made a come back, some of  the new scenarios included with the Shogunate singles, feature accumulating CP.

And lastly, I miss the old Zor’ka, rolling seven dice on an attack, and negating enemies' Natural 10s. She was so overpowered that you felt like a Slavic goddess had stepped on to the board, and would end all your suffering soon, and it was awesome.

Well all for now…