Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Other custom contributions to Tannhauser

I’m not the only one with a passion for Tannhauser there are many others out there. From Ravage magazine who has had a long history of supporting Tannhauser going all the way back to 2006 when they introduced us to WOLF in their December issue (#38). To the French fan community, that despite loosing Tannhauser to America is still very active.

Check out some other fine examples after the jump.

In issue #40 of “Jeux sur un plateau” (another French magazine) they unveiled their “Winter Packs” to celebrate the release of Novgorod by T.O.Y. The winter packs featured new character cards and tokens for John MacNeal and Eva Kramer, the character cards had a winter theme and featured new character art by Didier Poli.

winter evawinter john

Since their original release these packs have been rereleased by FFG with some modifications and no character cards for the Revised Rules version of Tannhauser.

Ravage would again feature Tannhauser in issue #47 where like JSP they would bring us an upgrade pack featuring new tokens and a character card for an existing character. This time Irina Kravchenko would get a “Spiritual Guide” pack. Which not only brought her a renewed faith, but a new gun as well.

SG Irina

The French fan community has always been very active and before FFG had complete ownership of the Tannhauser IP, they were more closely involved in the development of new ideas with T.O.Y. So much so that their “Community Character” was graced with art from Didier Poli, and would grow from a bonus token to a real character. While only the Token was officially released by T.O.Y. the fan character would get a character card, tokens, and rules of play.

Ikarus Faith

If the face above is familiar it’s because FFG would remake Ikarus Faith’s token as the “Call in the Troops” bonus token released in the Oksana expansion earlier this year.

But Tannhauser custom contributions are not limited to the second dimension, here are some fine examples of new and modified figures for Tannhauser. Sadly I don’t know who made them.

convertTop row: Unknown, Unteroffizer van der Hager, Freya von Karloff

Bottom row: Ikarus Faith, General Edison, Irina Spiritual Guide version

There’s a lot more out there, there are plenty of links and files up on Board Game Geek, and you can find the current home of the French fans here: Also many of the international publishers like Edge have forum pages like FFG, so if you speak another language, or have a high tolerance for Google Translate, do some searching you may find some very interesting stuff.