Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Pulp History…

The Pulp History books are published by Simon and Schuster and bring a unique view to history. I recently picked up a copy of Pulp History: Shadow Knights, which tells the stories of a few secret operatives and resistance fighters, working throughout Europe to make the Nazi’s jobs as hard as possible.

Would you like to know more?

Now I used that little quote from the Starship Trooper movie, because in a way this book is just as over the top and filled with hyperbole as that movie, but there’s one big difference; everything in this book, as unbelievable as it can be, is all true.


Shadow Knights brings us the true stories of spies, saboteurs, and marquisard presented in a pulp fiction style, al a the old pulp fiction of the 1930s. The book is brilliantly illustrated and features a number of war era photos along with several examples of propaganda. The text of the book is written in a captivating and exciting style that grabs the reader and never lets go. The first thing your eyes will be caught by is an amazing illustration, with this caption, “Harry Ree gouged the Gestapo’s eyes. But they wouldn’t come out.” Now if you can manage the put the book down after that opener, you may be dead inside.


Now sadly I’ve only had this book since yesterday so I’ve yet to find the time to finish it, but I can say without a doubt that if you’ve ever had an interest in the secret operations of World War Two, then I can’t see how this book could disappoint.

As I mentioned the book is expertly illustrated, all the art is by Jeffery Smith who’s work can be found gracing the covers of many famous publications like Rolling Stone, you can see more of his work here: http://jeffreysmithillustrator.com/.


You can pick this book and it’s companion “Devil Dog” for really reasonable prices at most online retailers.