Sunday, October 9, 2011

Tannhauser Affiliation Symbols

After the jump are all the Tannhauser affiliation symbols currently seen on all of the character sheets is Tannhauser. Now I’ve scanned these from various sources and have de-screened and filtered them as best as possible so they can be used for custom character sheets. And while they may not look great here, keep in mind on the actual character sheet they will be quite small, and you should use a blending mode like multiply in Photo Shop to get the desired effect. You can also adjust the saturation to achieve the desired color.

Click each image for a larger version.

mercenary Mercenaries
airborne destruction squad Airborne Destruction Squad
the 42nd The 42nd MSF
new order the New Order
matriarchy The Matriarchy
blutstrum div Blutstrum Division
paranormal div Paranormal Division
obscura korps Obscura Korps
circle of agartha Circle of Agartha
shogunate The Shogunate
shin agency Shin Agency
han ei The Han’ei Project