Sunday, October 16, 2011

Tannhauser: Field Ops, The Card Game that Never Was

Tannhauser: Field Ops was the Tannhauser card game developed by T.O.Y. and published exclusively in France in 2008. So, If its developed and published, why do I call it never was.

Well find out after the jump.

gam-thfo-boiteField Ops was designed by Christophe Boelinger, who is best known for Dungeon Twister and Earth Reborn. But he designed this unique card game to fit in the vast Tannhauser universe. Field Ops used some neat mechanics where the cards where literally “walked” across the gameplay area. The “War Cards” system as they called it, made the game an interesting amalgam of a miniatures war-game and a card battle game.


While I’m not going to go in to a huge amount of depth on the game play there are several places to find out more, like Savage Tales for instance.

So, why is this the game that never was, because back when FFG bought the Tannhauser IP, they presumably obtained the rights to this game, as its art and characters are inseparable from Tannhauser under American copyright law, unless they license it to someone. Which obviously hasn’t happened since it has been out of print since the sale. Further, killing this game FFG has “no intention to develop it further”. In other words, FFG owns it but won’t translate or print it.

What will become of Field Ops? Well, the game itself will probably never be reprinted, but the art and maybe even some of the characters will live on in future Tannhauser expansions. In fact you can even see a part of Field Ops in FFG’s version of Daedalus: here.

And there you have it, Tannhauser’s lost game, who knows what will become of the material from Field Ops, let’s hope it doesn’t gather dust for too long.