Friday, November 4, 2011

Fan Submission: Tannhauser Online Update

Moebius has just uploaded the Version 1.0 of his Tannhauser Online, which was created and I posted in his blog Here.

The New Version can be downloaded here

Change Log:

- Shogunate faction added
- Multiplayer rules added (slightly updated with the Daedalus extra entrance tokens for old maps) Miah posted them Here
- Campaign rules added Miah posted them Here
- Miah’s “The Mercenaries” Faction Added (rules can be found in his blog here)
- Rhydderch’s Kane Character added (rules can be found in his blog Here)

For those that don't know what this is, go check Miah’s blog post, there is a full description there but in short it is a platform to play Tannhauser over the internet; it leverages a platform called Fantasy Grounds II that can be found here and the free version is enough to play, my module has:

All the Tannhauser characters and tokens released so far (some bonus tokens and packs may be missing)
Custom created Maps
Custom Characters and Tokens
Tables to simulate the crate tokens
Automated Dice Roller

It does not have

FFG Official maps
Any FFG official rules
Game automation

You still need to own the game in order to play as you need to have the rules (same goes for every figure expansion)

Feedback about it is welcome, new maps, missing tokens or fan created characters are welcome as well.