Friday, November 18, 2011

New Tannhauser “Mythopoeia” Website Under Construction

I was planning to complete much more of this site before announcing it to the public, but I’ve haven't been well since the end of October.

So without delay here is the link to my new site:

And now I ask for help getting it finished, I’m looking for volunteers to help cut and past the text from the Mythopoeia PDF into the site articles. If you would like to help please follow the directions below.

First I would like all volunteers to create a Gmail account using this format (username)

Then email from the account you just created. make the subject “Volunteer”. I don’t need anything but your new address.

I will add you to the editors account (might take me 48 hours so be patient), then you can go to the site while logged in to Gmail, and you should be able to create new pages and edit old ones, if needed.

Once logged in it’s pretty easy to create new pages. First download the PDF from here:

Then follow these steps. Go to the A to Z section Here.

Select the the first letter of the article you want to add.

Then click the new page button, on the create new page page, type in the article name as it appears in the Mythopoeia (don’t cut and paste it, trust me), under select a template, pick “Entry”. Then make sure the “Put page under” option is set to the section you want. Then click “create” at the top.

On the new page, just cut and paste all the info from the article in to the second text box under the page title. For now don’t paste any images, and don’t worry about editing any of the info; we just want to get the stuff pasted in.

I hope all these directions are clear, but you can email questions to the email address above, and Google has a good help section.

Also ideas and suggestions welcome, and if anyone is a web designer with experience with Google’s scripting language, I’ll be happy to hear you ideas.

Thanks to all in advanced, hope to be hearing from a bunch of you in the coming weeks.