Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Fan Submission: Tannhauser Online V2

Moebius has once again updated his Tannhauser Online, now I know this has been up on the FFG forums for a while, but I wanted to make sure everyone heard about this.

You can read more and get the links after the jump.

Tannhauser Online V2 is on! Download it Here

Change log

- Completed some missing bonus tokens and winter packs
- Added some Bonus packs released with Shogunate figure expansions
- Added tokens for objective mode
- Added Peter Miller BPRD faction (AKA Hellboy and his pals) you can check their rules in his blog Savage Tales here
- Added my updated map versions, Ksiaz Castle, Catacombs and Tesla Priory I posted about them here
- Updated Outdoor map and Bunker map with doors and Daedalus rules
- Updated my Multiplayer and Campaign rules
- Brand New Look and feel (dungeon theme) way more appropriate for Tannhauser than the former one.
- All maps initial size is smaller
- Tokens automatically resize to appropriate size when placing on maps
- Enhanced token quality for some badly scanned tokens
- Minor errors fixed

To install just overwrite again the folders and files, you will see 2 campaigns to choose from when starting Fantasy Grounds II, this version is "Tannhauser Online v2"

Remember, to play only the host needs to download the module, the clients just needs the Fantasy Grounds 2 Software.

I had 40 downloads on the previous version of Tannhauser Online! Enjoy this new version :-)

If you have trouble installing or playing post it here :-)