Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Adventurers/Mercenaries Arrive

Here are a bunch of pictures to give you all a good idea of how the The Adventurers pre-painted figs compare to their Tannhauser brethren.

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Here we go, now you may recall I did rule conversions, and character cards for almost all these figures, and you find more about that HERE. I used my character names in the captions below.


Above you can see John, “van Zyl”, and Barry, given an approximate scale f 1:48 Zyl stands a tall 6’4-6” but he is certainly well within scale with all the Tannhauser figs. One thing to note is the bases for the Adventurers figs are a couple millimeters thinner then the Tann basses but it’s not a big problem.


Here is John, “Albert”, and Barry above.


Above is the shortest pose of the Adventurers figs, but he’s a very stocky figure.


Here is Tala and one of the two female characters in the Adventurers set, again they look pretty good together.


Here is John, and Barry, and his “twin” Ha ha.


Here is my Coptic mystic and he seems just a little tall for an old man, but not overly so.


Here is the fairly tall mummies, still dwarfed by the massive Asteros.


Here Asteros towers over Natalya and the tall yet now small Zyl.


Finally here are the two figs I did not use for my Mercenaries conversion, and Zor’ka.The middle fig is a nice Rasputin, and may reappear later…