Monday, December 12, 2011

The Crate Conundrum

There has been a good bit of confusion over Tannhauser’s Crate tokens, not really because of confused rules, but because of this statement on page 4 0f the Daedalus rules.

“The Crate Tokens found in DAEDALUS replace those found in both TANNHAUSER base game and OPERATION: NOVGOROD.”

This has caused many to question whether or not the Crate Tokens from all Tannhauser expansions, can or should be mixed. But before we go any further, lets look at why FFG felt the tokens needed replaced.

Below Is a table showing the Crate Tokens and a description of how they are different.

crate 3Original FFG Tannhauser Core Set 2007 This token features large art the just barely misses the border. These tokens were also punched “front to back” making a slight curved edge on the crate side of the token.
crate 2Original T.O.Y. WOLF Expansion 2007 The Tokens included with WOLF and I presume other early production products, feature art that is slightly larger and the very tip of the top left corner is cut off by the border. These tokens are also punched in the opposite direction. This style token can also be found in the Yula expansion.
crate 1FFG Production Operation Novgorod 2008 While the previous token were very similar and were hard to tell apart from a distance, the Crates in Novgorod were a definite problem. The art here is diminutive compared to both the previous examples, and the border is approximately twice as wide. These tokens are once again punched back to front.
crate 5FFG Production Daedalus 2010 And now the replacements, aside from the direction of the punching, these tokens are virtually identical to the WOLF style tokens.
crate 4FFG Production Shogunate Troopers 2011 Finally we have a Shogunate era token, which is almost the same as the Daedalus/WOLF tokens, except the colors are a little darker.

So, that’s all the different Crates, and the crux of the issue, was all the differences in the token design could be used for cheating, not unlike marked cards, but in practice there are too many Crates to make cheating worth while. However, if your concerned, you have a few options; option one is to use the table above to simply sort you crates and only use the newer style Crates. Option two, is to use proxies, and blind draw the Crates from a bag or cup. Option three, is to just not worry about it.

Option two is my personal favorite, and you can find out more about my solution HERE.

Well I hope you find all this info helpful, and if you have an edition of any Tannhauser expansion, with a style of Crate Token not featured here, please send me a scan.