Thursday, December 1, 2011

Pulp History… Revisited

In October I told you about a great bit of historical non-fiction call Pulp History: Shadow Knights the story of the secret SOE war against the Third Reich. Today, I bring you the first book in the set (of currently only two books) Devil Dog. Devil Dog tells the story of Major General Smedley Butler, “the man who saved America”. Major General Butler is an amazing man who won two Medals of Honor, and his story is retold here by David Talbot, and the amazing pulp art of Spain Rodriguez.

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Butler joined the Marine Corps in 1889 and served with distinction until 1931, but despite his great military career his greatest victories were at home over the likes of Herbert Hover, the gangs of Philadelphia, and the DuPonts, who were attempting to overthrow President F. D. Roosevelt. This is such an unbelievable story, but just as in Shadow Knights the truth is so much better than fiction.


The art in this book is a completely different style, and while it may not be to everyone’s taste it is no less amazing and well executed. However, it should be noted that Spain is famous for his nudes, and this book is no exception, while they’re still cartoons and not gratuitous, viewer discretion is advised.


This is truly an amazing story and I can’t see how any history fan could be disappointed. Butler’s life is a fantastic tale of adventure no less thrilling than any Captain America story. It’s also filled with little known facts that fascinate and enlighten, and give the reader a new view to early 20th Century American politics.

I have to admit, I have never heard of Butler until I began reading this book, and I like to think I’m pretty well versed in American history. I can’t help but recommend both Devil Dog and Shadow Knights, they’re both great books, and great reads for history fans, pulp fans, and maybe even graphic novel fans. If your looking for some unique history then try the Pulp History books, I can only hope Simon and Schuster decide to continue the series.

They’re still available from several web stores, and quite reasonably priced.