Monday, December 31, 2012

New Rules for Zombicide

Guillotine Games has just released a massive update for Zombicide in the form of a Revised Rule Book PDF.

Here’s a list of the changes:

  • General – Revised layout for a better reading
  • General – Revised terminology (ex: “Player’s turn” is now “Players’ Phase”)
  • General – Introducing Pimpmobile weapons (Evil Twins and Ma’s Shotgun)
  • General – Introducing many points previously listed in the FAQ (especially revised Missions)
  • General – Missions now display difficulty, suggested number of Survivors and average game time
  • P. 4 – Introducing a game turn overview
  • P. 5 – Updating Line of sight rules
  • P. 10 – Compiling and extending various rules about Players’ Phase (especially car rules)
  • P. 13 – Updating Runners management for increased playability. All Zombies now play their first Action, then Runners play their second Action.
  • P. 17 – Extending rules about notable weapons: Sniper Rifle, Molotov and reloading weapons.
  • P. 17-18 – Updating car attack rules
  • P. 31 – Introducing an index

And a link to their blog: blog-updated-zombicide-rules

And a link to the new PDF: zombicide_rulebook_english_V3.pdf

Happy Zombie Hunting.

Updated photo of my Konigsturmtiger


You can see the new “tiny” Dust Studio MG 44s mounted on top the hull.

I’ll have an updated stat card made up in a few days.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

New Dust Releases officially announced

The new Dust units have be officially released. Along with a re-release of the SSU Snipers and Observers, which are to correct a production error, I get some more info on that for you guys later.

Snipers, Heavy Walkers, and Command Vehicles

Happy spending.

Semi-Local Dust News

January 5th there will be a Dust Day in Martinsburg, WV. As we are also in WV I thought I’d share this news as it has been seen much on Tactics sites only Warfare sites.


Here’s the details:

“On January 5th I will be hosting a Dust Tactics/Warfare Demo Day coined "Dust Day" at Your Hobby Place in Martinsburg WV.

It will start at 1pm and go until close around 8pm. We will be demoing both game and starting a league using the new Hades rules. Also if we get enough people we will have a mass battle depicting the Battle of the Bulge, specifically the Siege of Bastogne.”

And a link:

Of course this isn’t really “local” news for most of WV (due to our odd state shape), but if your in the D.C. area your only about an hour away. We’re over 5 hours away sadly.

Happy gaming.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

New Dust Tactics models available today

The new KV-3 and Axis Transport are available at some online stores today.


Check out FRP Games if your in need of an early fix, the FFG official release will be in a few days:

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Happy Holidays Everyone

Well I hope all of you who celebrate Christmas had a good one, and the same goes for Chanukah, Kwanza, and whatever else you may celebrate this time of year.

silent night

Just a quick note we’re still in the throws of all things holidays so don’t expect a lot of updates between now and sometimes after the New Year.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Pledge Drive Continues…

This month as we continue to raise money to support the site we have a new reward for patrons who donate to us.

WWII Style Dice Bags!!!

We have three styles, and anyone who donates a minimum of $10 USD can choose their favorite style (details below). Each dice bag is approx. 6x4 inches, and made from military grade burlap, each is then dyed and silkscreened with the national logos. These bags are made to military specs for the shipping and storage of small mechanical parts and are normally soaked in oil to prevent rust. (They were obtained from a US DOD certified contractor) But they can also hold a large number of dice.

Note: The sizes, colors, quality of the logo, and many other factors do vary, these are originally industrial / military use after all.

Click the pictures for larger versions.

Soviet Style (Red star on raw)


US Style (Invasion Star on green)


German Style (Balkenkreuz on grey)


Please specify: Soviet, German, US, or none (if you don’t want one at all, but still want to donate) in the comment section of the donation form, so we know which style to send you.

For a minimum donation of $25 USD we’ll send you all three.


Act fast we only have about 20 of each style available right now. Click the donate button below to go to our Paypal donation form.

Action Shot!!!

Each bag holds between 40 and 50 dice, sizes do vary some.


If these are popular enough, we may add more styles or make them available for regular purchase.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Tina and Hyane concept for Dust Tactics

Tina and Hyane are a Dust Studio’s model available both as a kit and as premium painted edition, but unlike many of the Dust Studio vehicles she has no experimental stats or rules. We recently picked up the kit version so we thought we’d come up with some unique rules and stats for this cool little set.

(Here is our assembled and primed kit minus the chain)


(How a painted version might look. Note: this is actually a picture of the 1:35 version)


Now without further delay here are the custom cards for both Tina and Hyane.

Hyane copy  Tina

Now my main goals with these custom card was to make something unique, and useful. My secondary goal was to make Hyane separate to allow her to be more then just a weapon with fur. Thirdly I wanted to make sure you had to field them as a pair for a reasonable point cost (which still may be too high (30 total)).

And now here are the special rules:

For Tina:

Commander: (see revised rules page 23) Allows a hero to join a Command Squad.

Animal Handler (name): This skill allows the named animal to be fielded in an army with hero who has the skill. The named animal may not be fielded without its handler. Further this hero may perform one Skill action and roll one die. On a (+) result, the player reactivates the named animal, rotate the reactivated unit’s card to its upright position and activate this unit immediately after the Animal Handler’s activation is finished.

For Hyane:

Service Animal (name) A service animal may occupy a space with a friendly unit, but never joins a unit. The animal must end its activation within 3 spaces of the named hero.

Agile: (see revised rules page 20) All diagonal moves cost one movement point.

Fast: (see revised rules page 21) When the unit performs a move action, it may move one additional space. If the unit performs two move actions, this skill can only affect one of those move actions.

Animal Instincts: When this unit attempts to use Reactive Fire, roll three dice instead of one. If you roll at least one (+), you may perform the attack.

Well that all for now, comments are welcome, but remember your manners.

Happy gaming.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Building the Mickey ARV, for Dust

Today we have a new build video series focusing on the resin upgrade components for the Dust Studios: Mickey ARV kit.

In part one we review the components, and assemble the crane arm.

In part two we work on the turret and hull, but we run into an issue. (edited for time)

In part three we finish up the turret, and discuss finishing the build.

Well we hope you enjoyed those, or at least find them helpful we it comes time to build your own, and now for the unit review.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Thursday, December 13, 2012

The First Dust Elite Exclusive

Dust Studio has announced their first Dust Elite Exclusive, and once again we’re shown just how obsessed Paolo is with Koshka.


I don’t know how much this model will cost you but as a premium model it’s not likely cheap, even with the cost of Elite Membership, but we’ll see.

I have to say this is not really going to encourage me to join the “Elite” it’s just a minor upgrade and repaint of Koshka and Grand’ma with no new special stats or abilities.


Monday, December 10, 2012

New Dust Tactics Mine Fields

Dust Studios has new Mine field Markers coming soon, check them out: LINK.



Building a Bergeluther

The Bergeluther is a Dust Studios exclusive model available in Premium and Kit form. Today we have the kit version and were going to show you how to assemble the resin add-on parts that turn a standard Luther hull into a Bergeluther.

In part one we get started assembling the resin dozer control-arms.

In part two we finish of the second control-arm and show how to put the dozer blade together.

Now the rest of the Luther hull and legs is pretty straight forward, if you get lost just look at any other Luther style Axis vehicle. Below we have some pictures of the finished model before any painting. (Please click to enlarge the images.)


Notes: I decided to go with a rather squat pose for the legs to keep the knees wide so the large hydraulic-actuators would have plenty of clearance.

If you plan on playing this unit in Dust Tactics, remember it’s not tournament legal. Further it has no official point value, but given all its “skills” and the damage potential of the Dozer Blade, I’d rate it between 40 and 45 points.

Here is the “Official” Unit Card.


Happy building.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Some more shots of the Allied Flyers

Over in France they were lucky enough to get a preview of the new Allied Flyers for Dust.


There are a lot more pictures HERE.

Happy Gaming.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Today’s New Dust Arrivals

Today we got in the majority of our order from Dust Models over in Hong Kong.


Some quick things of note, the ammo boxes come pre-primed in the standard DT colors, the Axis Weapon Kit includes two identical sprues. and the some of the unit cards are un-laminated. And an od note half the stuff in in packs labeled round bases regardless of whether or not the pack actually contains bases.

We’ll be doing more in depth reviews in the future, and we hope to do a build video for the Bergeluther or Mickey ARV, or both.

Happy gaming.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Review: Dust Model’s Premium Play-mats

Today we just received the fist of a couple shipments from Dust Models, Hong Kong. A set of four play-mats. As you can see below the four mats covers nearly an entire 4 x 8 foot table, and is more then enough space for 600 or even 1000 point armies.


These mats are quite good quality with only some minor defects, (one has a little edge bleeding, and one stretched during printing so its alignment is off, but these are very minor flaws that you have to look for (or have a working knowledge of printing to see). On the other side the grid has been deleted making them a great backdrop for Dust Warfare games.


Also included with our order were four double-sided posters featuring Sigrid, and a map of Zeverograd on the reverse, a nice little bonus.


In all I think these are a good purchase for those not satisfied with Dust Tactics cardboard tiles. Although they are a bit expensive each is $24.99 + $10 for shipping (unless you order enough for free shipping), so our set of four set us back $99.96 (thanks to our donors for all their help). I will say they don’t feel needed for Dust Warfare, so the cost is a good reason to avoid something you don’t really need.

If your interested you can order your own here: Dust Play-mat at Dust Models.

I know I’m happy with them, how about you? If you have these why not leave a comment and tell us what you think.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Taking Cover in Dust Tactics

Today we have the last of Udo77’s Dust Tactics strategy articles.


Dust Tactics Cover


By Udo77


Did you already experienced those games in which heavy armored infantry with damage resilience stood in hard cover, and you fired away with your machineguns? And fired, and fired …


Time to reflect on how effective cover is in Dust Tactics. Because in the beginning most of us thought: ‘These are just three guys in cover, how hard can this be?’ And if you had bad luck three rounds later the enemy was still there.

The question is now how much more damage you have to deal with normal weapons that do not ignore cover. The short answer is: is the enemy in soft cover you have to dish out +50% more damage. Is he in hard cover you have to triple(!) your damage output. Or in other words: a unit in hard cover survives three times longer. That’s huge!

How do I get this numbers? That’s not so hard. If you repel damage in soft cover you have to throw a ‘hit’ on the dice. Now if we throw 3 dice we can expect 1 hit and 2 blank sides on average. That means that 3 successful enemy attacks are needed to inflict 2 damage on you. This makes soft cover +50% more efficient.

In hard cover you have to throw a blank side to repel damage. As in the example above if you throw 3 dice for the cover roll only 1 will get through and inflict damage on average. Instead of 1 the attacker needs 3 successful attacks, thus hard cover is 3 times more efficient.

Now it’s no wonder that guys like the “Heavy Laser Grenadiers” are so tough in hard cover. That are 3 guys with 1 hit-point each. They have damage resilience, comparable to soft cover, so they survive +50% longer. Now you have to inflict 3 * 1,5 = 4,5 hit-points. Triple this for being in hard cover: 4,5 * 3 = 13,5 hit-points. If you attack with normal machineguns expect that you need like 25 dice with sustained attack to get rid of those grenadiers!

This elaborate example shows how fruitless it can be if you fire with normal guns at units in hard cover. Now we will discuss some alternatives:

a) Use weapons that ignore cover. That are: close combat, flamethrowers, phasers, artillery, (most) grenade weapons. Since the enemy gets no cover bonus this weapons are, depending on the cover, +50% or 3 times more effective! These weapons are your best choice.

b) Destroy enemy tank traps. A tank trap has vehicle armor 5 with 4 life points. This tactic is a bit controversial. It depends on the circumstances if this makes sense or not. First an example:

Let’s assume there is an infantry level 2 unit with 5 guys. They are in hard cover, so you need to inflict 5 * 3 = 15 damage (as always on average). If you make a sustained attack with machineguns you need like 27 dice.

If you shot the tank trap first you need to inflict 4 damage against vehicle 5 first. You need like 8 (virtual) dice with anti-tank weapons for this, sustained attack. After the tank trap is gone you can shoot normally at the infantry and need only like 9 dice with sustained attack. Instead of 27 dice as in the example above we needed only 8 + 9 = 17 dice, but from two different weapons.

What can we learn from this? Most anti-tank weapons are not very effective against infantry, so shooting tank traps would be a better way using them if there is no better target like other enemy tanks. Another point to consider: how many times can the enemy use his tank traps? Can his next unit hop in right after you destroyed this nasty heavy laser grenadiers?

But there are also some rules to consider: if there is an enemy unit and a tank trap is in the same spot, and you fire at both at the same time, you have to deal damage first to the infantry (revised core rules, page 13)! So ideally you have to plan ahead or even shoot these tank traps preemptive!

Still, weapons that ignore cover are your favorites, especially in city fights. Always bring along some grenade weapons or flame throwers!

“Did somebody say flamethrowers?”


Summary so far:

· Units in soft cover survive +50% longer

· Units in hard cover survive three times longer

· Units with damage resilience survive +50% longer

· Avoid using normal weapons against targets in hard cover

· Instead use weapons that ignore cover: close combat, flamethrowers, phasers, artillery, (most) grenade weapons.

· You can destroy tank traps. They have vehicle armor 5 with 4 hitpoints.

· If you’ve got no weapons that ignore cover consider using your anti-tank weapons to shoot the tank traps. Especially if the enemy could use them several times.

I hope this inspired some new tactics. See you next time.


Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Hugely Impractical Gaming

Today we’re playing a fun but hugely impractical version of Wings of War, we’re calling Wings of Dust. I’m not going to go into a lot of detail, but it’s basically WoW scaled up about 400% to 1:48th scale. As I said, it’s fun but you need a lot of space to play. It’s all just play-testing and theory right now, but I might do some full color upscaled cards in the future.

P40-B vs. Mil Mi-47 A


Happy gaming.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Konigsturmtiger: A Dust Tactics W.I.P.

I’ve been working on this for a couple days now, and it’s complete enough to show off. Meet the King Storm Tiger (Konigsturmtiger). Remember this is still a work in progress, I have few mods left to make before painting.


This massive Axis tracked mobile gun platform was built to take on the SSU in the Second Battle of Kursk. This huge “tank” sports a 52 cm Mosler Mortar Projector, firing a Rocket Assisted HE Anti-Fortification Warhead. The shell alone is over two meters in length and requires a three man crew and a wench just to load the weapon. With over 200mm of front armor the Konigsturmtiger weighs nearly 90 tones.


However, there are a few drawbacks to this design, while the tank is nearly impervious to enemy fire it’s woefully under powered engine leaves it with a top speed of just under 25 KpH. Also while its massive shells are able to devastate the battlefield from over 25 Km away, it has a nearly 4 minute reload time between shots limiting its combat effectiveness.

Year of introduction: 1945
Vehicle Length: 8.4 meters
Vehicle Width: 5    meters
Vehicle Height: 3.6 meters
Vehicle Weight: 86.5 tones.
Main Armament: 52 cm Mosler Mortar Projector
Primary Ammunition: 52 cm Rocket Assisted HEAP
Secondary Armament: none
Engine Porsche 8 ltr. V10  (226 BHP)
Horsepower per Ton 2.6
Crew 5 (Driver, Commander, Gunners x3)
Road Speed 24 Kph
Cross Country Speed 9.5 Kph

Now there is a special reason I selected this tank to appear in my Dust Tactics games. If you played the Dust Strategy Game then this hull style may be slightly familiar. Below is my new tank and his little cousin from the Dust Strategy Game. You can see they look pretty similar.


Little Dust tank close up.


And now an example stat card…

Konigsturmtiger Card copy

Now this is just a first draft of the stats for this beast, it has a massive mortar over twice the size as the SSU’s Lenin tank, so that how the weapon stats we developed. Then it of course has reload, and Tracked Vehicle, and I added “Slow Vehicle” which means: “This Unit may never preform a Move + Move Action.”

And finally a little about the model itself. This is a Testors limited edition 1:35 Strumtiger model which I’m up scaling to 1:48, (I’ll be adding some 1:48 scale details before painting). Using a 1:35 scale model means everything is approximately 50% larger which makes for a truly massive looking vehicle on the board.

All for now, happy gaming.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

December Bonus Token

Well it’s the end of the year and so to must end our journey through Warehouse 13, and the final Bonus Artifact Token is…

The Stone that Killed Goliath

13 nutral back copystone

A smooth pale river stone about the width of an apple which appears to have red patina on one side, possibly the side that was flung into Goliath's skull by David, which killed him, earning David the respect and admiration necessary to be crowned king of Israel. Whit even the lightest throw the stone accelerates to near supersonic speeds, enabling it to travel great distances and puncture almost any material.


Well it’s been an interesting year of bonus tokens, I hope everyone enjoyed them.

For all of this years artifacts click: The Warehouse 13 Artifacts

As for next year we would like to have a new Bonus Token series, but we don’t have any planed yet. hopefully we’ll have some inspiration before New Year’s.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Dust Tactics Map Tiles in a Zip

Update: It was recently pointed out that the download link was broken, it should now be corrected, sorry for any issues.

I’ve gathered all my prototype DT map tiles into a Zip file, now I’ve included all the tiles I’ve made so far regardless of how well they turned out. That way you can just use the one’s you like. Everyone has different taste, and one tile may be like by some and not others.


One last request, if you take it upon yourself to modify or improve these tiles, please email a copy to the submission link on the right. I’ll post them here and of course you’ll receive credit, and your name will be added to the contributors list.

Below are the latest additions to tile set: a road, a bridge “ramp”, and a bridge. In the zip file you’ll also find a river bank tile. Now I know my bridge is much narrower than the “Victory Bridge” but I like the tactical possibilities of a narrow bridge. It could also double as a concrete dock.

road and grassbridge rampbridge center

Note, to get the right look, some tiles may need to be printed “flipped”. Also not all tiles may line up perfectly. Remember these are prototypes.

Take a look after the jump for a full “bridge” map example.

New Zombicide Mission on the GG site.

Guillotine Games has posted the third winner in their Mission design contest.

Mission C3: Car Wash


Thursday, November 29, 2012

Dust Chronicles Issue #3

Check out the latest Dust Chronicles, and take a look at the first shots of the Allied aircraft.

Dust Chronicles #3

From page 6… Thanks Clement for the great pictures and awesome Customer Service.


Sadly this jet powered version is not the Tilt Rotor concept we seen earlier, so the Allies will not be getting aircraft with “Hover.”  (See Below)


Also check out their RPG rules…

Happy Gaming.