Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Barry Brown for DUST Tactics

I’ll be posting an updated version of the John for DT card later, but for now here is Barry Daniel Brown, the 42nd MSF’s big gun.


The Tannhauser Novel will be available Digitally

The Tannhauser novel Rising Sun, Falling Shadows will be released in a digital format as well as in print; you can learn more HERE.

The First Day of the End of the World…

Today in real history, 79 years ago Adolf Hitler became Chancellor of Germany.


Image copyright of the L.A. Times.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

BATTLE BLOKX Accepted to Kickstarter!!!


If you don’t know what Kickstarter is you should go and check it out. (Click the logo above.)

You can find out more about BATTLE BLOKX and our Kickstarter project over on the BATTLE BLOKX blog.

We are very excited about this and will now be devoting as much time as possible to this project, but I’ll still find time to work on this blog as well.

All for now…

Friday, January 27, 2012

Project X is now under way…

We have been working begin a new project here so things are getting a little behind, but we are still very pleased to announce our new project blog for Battle Blokx.

Check it out here: BATTLE BLOKX

I’ll be dividing my time between this and The Tannhauser Blog, so updates may be a little less frequent, but I still have lots of upcoming content so don’t despair.

So Project X is now officially:


John MacNeal Hero for DUST Tactics

Here is my first try at a Tannhauser Hero conversion for DUST Tactics. I used an image of the excellent repaints by Marius Braasch, and tried to give him the same power as he has in Tannhauser.

John for DT copy

Well what do you think?

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Doc Savage’s book The Zeppelin

Doc Savage also know as Peter Miller, has just released his new novella The Zeppelin, its available on both Kindle and Nook, and is only $0.99!

From his Amazon listing:

Welcome to Uchronic Tales:


This first Uchronic Tale features a young American airman caught up in a conspiracy that threatens to turn the tide of the Great War. Reich Zeppelins have been bombing London mercilessly, but the night one of them takes a strange detour could turn the tide of the war. The Germans have kidnapped a mysterious passenger and it is up to Clark Tyler and a band of elite commandos to stop the massive airship Eisern Feist from returning her secrets to the Fatherland.

The Zeppelin is the debut release from The Uchronic Press. This action-packed 18,000 word novella features the premiere appearance of Clark Tyler, a man that trouble seems to find. Or perhaps he is just good at finding it.

In the months ahead, danger will put Clark in a number of Uchronic Tales. Look for tales of old Hollywood, earth-shattering danger, lost civilizations, and bizarre visitors from the unknown aether.

You can learn more on Doc’s blog: Doc Savage Tales.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Future of Downloadable Games

Many of you may of heard of the Maker-Bot a new reasonably cheap ($1700 instead of $29,000) 3D printer, that can reproduce virtually any small plastic object, with up to two colors.


In the next five years these devices will only get cheaper, so soon you may be able to not only download a PDF of a games rules, cards, or a board, but you will be able to download a STL of the figures, pawns, or even the dice. Imagine never having to pay international shipping again, or having to wait endlessly for that slow boat from China carrying the latest FFG releases.

But there is a dark cloud looming in our bright future, and that’s the Pirate Bay, now I know many of you may be fans of this “bastion of freedom of information” and all things stolen. But it’s not the best thing to happen to the internet, because of folks not wanting to pay people for their hard work making comics, movies, music, and more; we have the draconian responses of SOPA, copy protection, DRM, etc. So, we may never have DUST Tactics for download, because FFG will fear it will end up available for free on some site like Mega-Upload. This senseless drive to get things for free when they cost money to make, annoys me only because people deserve to be paid for their work, and only they should decide if they want to give it away for free.

I hope that we can figure out a way to create true board game downloads that people can’t steal, so the good people at FFG, AEG, Games Workshop, Days of Wonder, and the many, many more can bring us what we want, and still make a living. Because, if they can’t we will all miss out on a great opportunity.

Well that’s all for now.

Today the Huffington Post is reporting that the Pirate Bay is being sued by Games Workshop for uploading the 3D model for a 40K Dreadnaught, this is from the HP’s story:

“A model listed by an anonymous user as a ‘Tabletop Wargaming Robot Model’ – but identifiable to the Huffington Post UK as the likeness of a Warhammer 40,000 Space Marine Dreadnought, which is a trademarked design of the UK-based Games Workshop Group PLC – was freely available and had already been downloaded by at least 23 people as of press time.

The model, an official version of which costs £28 from Games Workshop, has been previously listed on a 3D printing community website , but the plans were reportedly pulled after a takedown notice was issued.

The Huffington Post UK was not independently able to test whether the available design was that of an actual Warhammer model, or a design ‘inspired’ by the official dreadnought.

In addition Games Workshop said they had no comment, and it was not possible to contact the creator of the design as the plans were listed anonymously.

But even though 3D printers remain a relatively niche interest for now, the prospect of widespread copyright infringement in even 5, 10 or 20 years must still be considered a worrying development. As the Pirate Bay themselves point out:

“We believe that things like three dimensional printers, scanners and such are just the first step. We believe that in the nearby future you will print your spare parts for your vehicles. You will download your sneakers within 20 years.”

Music and movies may just be the start. Lawyers, start your engines.”

From a check of Pirate Bay’s post (I like HP did not download the file), but the comment section reveals this posted picture of the supposed model.

pirate dreadnoght

Here is a real 40K Dreadnought for comparison:

real dreadnought

The above image is copyright of Games Workshop.

Real History: 3D Spies of WWII

NOVA recently aired a great documentary on 3D aerial photograph and how the allies used it to stop the Nazi’s V weapons.

If your in the US you can watch it HERE.

I really liked this documentary as I’m a trained photo interpreter and it was fascinating to see how they did it 70 years ago.

I hope you give it a look.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Obscura Cardinal Point

Last week I posted a excerpt from Kovax’s semi-official piece of Tannhauser fiction. Today, I've finished the translation of the 30 page document and before I make it into a PDF I’d like everyone interested to take a look, and leave any corrections as comments below.

Well I hope you enjoy, read the whole story after the jump…

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Purge Them with Fire: a Scenario

Here is my first new scenario in a while, inspired by the new additions to the Matriarchy and the internal strife alluded to in the new fiction; I’ve developed a New Order vs. Old Order game using a unique combination of game mechanics. However, you won’t be able to play it yet, you’ll have to wait for the new Matriarchy Troopers to come out, but please give it a read and tell me what you think.

Operation: Burning Down The House

The insolence!

How dare that heretic defy the divine will of the goddess!

Contact Commissar Kravchenko and recall the Battle Armor Zor’ka’s combat group from the front.

The heretic must not be allowed to access the Priory!

We shall purge it with fire!

Required materials:

The Revised Rules, Operation: Novgorod, Gorgei Single Expansion, Oksana Single Expansion, Natalya Single Expansion, Matriarchy Trooper Pack, and 12 Fire Tokens.

Set up:

Use the Tesla Priory Map from Novgorod.

This scenario pits the Matriarchy’s “New Order” against the “Old Order”.

The New Order team is: Oksana, Natalya, Gorgei, Beopripacy Trooper, and Voivodes E and F.

The Old Order team is: Zor’ka, Irina, Irishka, Zazigag Trooper, and Voivodes A, B, C, and D. (The Zazigag may not use his Command Pack.)

Each team receives 2 Command Points.

Place four Matriarchy Flag Tokens on two Primary Objective Circles and the two Action Circles nearest the Priory’s entrance. These are New Guard’s goals.

Place Crate Tokens on all remaining Objective and Action Circles.

Special Rules:

The Old Guard is trying to burn down the priory, to do so the Zazigag must use an action to set fire to the indicated circles (the blue dots, see below), He may set fire to any two indicated circles with which he shares a path, place a fire token on each circle. Once placed these fire tokens deal three automatic attack successes to any character that enters them, or begins their activation on one, the Zazigag is of course immune to this effect. These fires can never be extinguished.


Since only the Zazigag may set the fires, if he is killed he may reenter the game on the following turn as a reinforcement without spending any Command Points.

The New Order is trying to recover important technology, to do so they must collect the flags from inside the Priory, only the current team leader may collect the flags. The team starts with Oksana as leader, if she is killed then Natalya takes command, if she is killed then Gorgei takes over, if Gorgei is killed the New Order Team cannot collect any more flags. To collect a flag the team leader must be in an adjacent circle, and use an action to pick up the flag; the new order player then places the flag in their play area.

Victory Conditions:

This Game last 8 Turns.

At the end of the game the player with the most Objective Points wins.

Picking up a flag is worth 3 Objective Points.

Each circle set on fire is worth 1 Objective Point.

Both teams can earn a maximum of 12 Points, if the game ends in a tie, subtract 2 points for each lost Hero and 1 point for each lost trooper.

Well I hope you give this a try, when the Matriarchy Troopers come out, the wife and I played it last night and it was pretty fun.

Discovering The Amulet

What follows is a semi-official work of fiction originally developed for TOY telling the story of how Heizinger came to posses the Patmos Amulet, I’ve translated it from the original French, and edited it for flow and better English style.

You can read the whole thing after the jump…

It’s really quite interesting…

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Stop SOPA, PIPA, and general abuse of Copyright Law, to Repeal Amendment Rights

As part of the ongoing effort to stop the latest stupidity that is our US Congress (the opposite of Progress by the way) this site will join with Google, Wikipedia, Reddit, and many other in protest of the SOPA and PIPA acts making their way through the US Congress, by going “dark”, well as dark as I can anyway. No new articles, updates, or anything will post here for the next 24 hours.

SOPA and PIPA may not be evil, but they’re completely stupid and won’t solve any actual problems.

Besides as a copyright holder the only pirates that actually worry me are in boats off the coast of Somalia.


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Cost of War…

Over the past few years the cost of many things has steadily increased, and like all industries the Board Game industry has saw a number of increased costs in both raw materials and in production. So what does this mean for us gamers?

Well, it means our hobby is becoming more expansive, it’s becoming harder to fund our microcosmic wars, and support our diminutive armies.

The SSU Unveiled for DUST Tactics

FFG has announce the first SSU expansions for DUST Tactics. These five new expansions brings with them not only the Russian Chinese alliance; they also bring with them the rules for aircraft and “hero robot” units.

Here is the official announcement: The Red Invasion Begins.

And here’s a look at the first DUST aircraft, a counter-rotating “ABC” style helicopter.


SSU Airborne Transport

Here are some more pics, and you can find out more Here on the SSU mini-site.


Koshka Rudinova


SSU NKVD Close Combat Squad


SSU NKVD Command Squad


Chinese Volunteers


SSU NKVD Battle Squad




KV47 “Nadya”

Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Matriarchy Civil War: Battle Report

Well last night I was able to get the new Matriarchy troopers on the board and give them a good test. We played a rather odd Deathmatch, which as you can judge for the title was a Matriarchy vs. Matriarchy battle. We didn’t set out to pit the New Order against the Old, but that’s what happened.

Read more after the jump…

Friday, January 13, 2012

Tannhauser Blog Exclusive: An Interview with Andrew Meredith

We have a special treat here on the Tannhauser Blog tonight, an exclusive interview with former FFG Game Designer Andrew Meredith, who has worked on several Tannhauser expansions including the new Operation: Hinansho.

Read everything Andrew had to say after the jump…

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Abandon All Hope….

During my usual check of my regular online game retailers, I noticed that the DUST Tactic Original Core Sets were starting to be removed. They had been listed for months as “out of stock” as folks held on to hope that it may be reprinted, but now they’re gone. I was pretty sure that FFG would not re-release this without a significant price increase, but now I’m sure it will be gone forever.

So long…

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Most of my videos are now available on Board Game Geek

I just finished linking the majority of my videos to their appropriate Board Game Geek entries, for your convenience.

My user name is Miah999 on the ‘Geek so look me up.

Yula Reprint, coming in February

FFG has just added a Yula reprint to their Upcoming section of their web site; she is expected to release in February.

Other release statuses:

The Matriarchy Troopers, at the factory, expected in about 8 weeks.

Rising Sun, Falling Shadows, at the factory, expected July 10th (via Amazon)

Wizards of the Coast to release “DnD 5”

I don’t normally report RPG news, but this is a rather big deal, each time Dungeons and Dragons has been “upgraded” with a new rule-set it has been a polarizing event for the gaming community. I mean think about it, if you spend much time around DnDers there’s always one who refuses to play by 4th Ed. rules preferring 3.5 or whatever. So, this is a very big deal.

The other interesting thing about this is it’s only been a few years since the last major change for DnD; with a 40 year history, major changes like this don’t normally come around every four years.

Well if you want to find out more take a look HERE.

It will certainly be an interesting time to be a DnD player.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Tannhauser Novel Officially Announced

Way back on August 11th 2011, I told everyone about the upcoming Tannhauser Novel: Rising Sun, Falling Shadows. Now FFG has officially announced the new book with new cover art, you can see the old one HERE.


This is from the official announcement….

Fantasy Flight Publishing, Inc. is pleased to announce the upcoming release of Rising Sun, Falling Shadows, a novel by Robert Jeschonek! This gripping novel based in the war-torn alternate history of Tannhäuser brings fan-favorite characters vividly to life, while drawing newcomers into a war-torn world where science and the supernatural clash to determine the fate of humanity.

In the midst of perpetual war, a far-eastern warrior sect with a shadowy agenda has set out toward the evergreen peninsula of Kamchatka. Can Union Major John McNeal and the elite soldiers of the 42nd Marines stop their sinister plot before it’s too late? And what terrible powers lie hidden in the verdant wilderness? The race is on to discover ancient secrets that could finally bring the Great War to its climactic end!

For more information on this exciting novel, including insights from the author himself, visit our Rising Sun, Falling Shadows website. Then, look for Rising Sun, Falling Shadows at your local bookstore in the second quarter of 2012!

Here is a bit from FFG about the author:

About Robert Jeschonek

Robert T. Jeschonek is an award-winning writer whose fiction, comics, essays, articles, and podcasts have been published around the world. His characters include warlords, cannibals, serial killers, mad scientists, demented super-heroes, and robotic messiahs, and he has published work with DC Comics, Simon & Schuster, and DAW Books.

Mr. Jeschonek took a moment to share his thoughts on Rising Sun, Falling Shadows:

What one thing does all my writing have in common? One way or another, it's all "out there." As in "outside the box." That's why I jumped at the chance to write a Tannhäuser novel. Because Tannhäuser is crazy cool and outside the box to begin with. The setting is unique--an alternate reality in which the Great War (World War I) never ended. And the alt history doesn't stop there: each faction is armed with outrageous weapons, whether technology-based (thanks to Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla, and a crashed spacecraft) or spawned by sorcerous artifacts. Add in a twisted bunch of villains, a hard-core team of Marines, and the possibilities are endless.

Inspired, I tore into this one with teeth bared, heart racing, and keyboard smoking. I wanted to bring the Tannhäuser world alive for everyone who already loves it...and every newcomer who's looking for an awesome new experience. Most of all, I wanted to do justice to the amazing new expansion dreamed up by the Fantasy Flight Games team. Meet the Shogunate--obsessed with honor, hungry for conquest, masters of every form of warfare. They're the deadliest new threat to storm onto the battlefield, thanks to a demonic blue-skinned warrior, an unstoppable war machine, and a secret technology that could bring every other fighting faction to its knees. It was an honor to write the story of their first clash with Major John MacNeal and the heroes of the 42nd Marines

You can read more on the FFG website HERE.

Here is the ISBN for easy Googling: ISBN: 978-1-61661-180-4.

According to Amazon the novel will be released on July 10th, you can pre-order it there.

Note: as I predicted this is item number NTH01.

Video Review: Matriarchy Trooper Pack

Thanks to a stroke of very good luck I was able to get a pre-release copy of the Matriarchy Trooper Pack. So, I’m posting a brief review, so you guys can get a look. Although I haven’t played them yet, I have to say they look like they are going to bring a massive amount of firepower to the Matriarchy.

Hope you guys enjoyed the video, I’ll try to post a post play review in a few weeks.

Note: I still won’t have Operation: Hinansho till the Troopers officially ship.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Project Updates/ Miah999’s Release Schedule

Here are all the things I’m working on right now, and when I expect to have them done.

Project X: Official announcement this summer.

Custom Tannhauser Character Collection PDF: expected this spring.

The Tannhauser WIKI: postponed due to lack of interest.

The Tannhauser Mythopoeia 2012 Edition, expected this coming fall.

Videos for the latest expansions: expected this February.

Review of Rising Sun, Falling Shadows, the Tannhauser Novel: coming soon, expected July 10th.

Well you can see I have a lot to do this year, and only 357 days to do it, let’s hope I make it.

Update: Thanks for the heads up Doc, when I posted this originally, Amazon had yet to update the delivery date for the novel.

DUST Tactics and Tannhauser: Video

Here is a brief video trying to hit all the key comparison points between Tannhauser and DUST Tactics. I got a little of track a couple of times, and the camera work is a bit shaky (last time I shoot free hand).

Note: I mentioned the poster style map from the DT Revised set, but I forgot to actually show it. There is so much to cover we may return to this subject in future videos.

Thanks for watching.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

My Name in Lights, sort of…

Today my first article was published by FFG on their front page!

After four years The Tannhauser Blog has really began to take off, and now to receive the recognition of the FFG editors and staff is a real honor.

So, what are you waiting for follow the link below and read what I hope will be the first of many articles for FFG, and Tannhauser.

Picking The Right Pack

Project X

Just to let everyone know I’m working on a very big non-Tannhauser project, so updates here may be a little less frequent, but I shall endeavor to do as much as possible.

Bonus Tokens, and other regular features like new product videos should not be affected, but you probably won’t be seeing any substantial customs for a couple months.

I’ll thank everyone for their patients.

Now, what is “Project X”?  Well, I can’t tell you yet, but I’m hoping that a lot of gamers out there will love it, I hope to make a more official announcement by the Summer.

Higher Res version of the Cog Conversion Rules

It was requested that I post a higher res version of these, and so here it is…

cog rules 300dpi copy2

new cog tokens

cog cc copy 2

I’ll post a repaired version of the tokens as soon as I can.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Playing the Odds

I’ve been playing Dust Tactics for a couple days now and I think I gained enough insight to compare the combat systems of Dust Tactics and Tannhauser.

The first thing I noticed about DT is that any single die roll has only two possible odds for any given result. You are either trying to obtain a (+) or a “blank”, so the odds are always 33% for a (+), and 66% for a “blank”. In Tannhauser however, the odds of obtaining any individual number is of course 10% on a D10, but the odds of obtaining a success is effected by the numerical range determined by the character’s combat value. For example, if your combat value is 6, the range is 4-10 (10-6=4), or a 70% chance of getting a “hit” So, if you roll four dice in DT you have only a 8.25% chance of scoring four (+). In Tannhauser the chance of scoring four hits is a little more than double at 17.5%.

But even though the chance of hitting in Tannhauser is double that of DT, Tannhauser’s “Shock Roll” system prevents most of the hits scored in Tannhauser. For example: if your roll 3 hits on a combat roll, the target then makes a Shock Roll which is always four dice. So the chance of blocking any hits is on average 50%, and it’s always that way for most characters. DUST Tactics however, uses a cover system based on both the number of hits scored and on the type of cover. So in DT if you roll 3 hits a squad in soft cover, the target rolls three dice, with an approximate 11% chance of blocking the hits. Of course that only for a 1 die equals 1 damage attack, some DT attacks cause multiple damage point per die. Another thing to note is that in Tannhauser you may often ignore wounds by spending a Command Point.

Well what do all these numbers add up to? With out going into more depth it’s pretty obvious that DT is far deadlier than Tannhauser. Tannhauser used to be a very bloody game, in the original version characters often died before they could act. So, FFG decided to tone down the weapons and reshuffle the dice pools, making for a kinder gentler war. The old version was not unplayable, and games did go much faster, but there was no depth to the game. If you have ever played Tannhauser by the version 1.0 rules, then you know how Tannhauser would play if it were as deadly as DUST Tactics is now.

But what if squads in DT were as survivable as characters in Tannhauser 2.0? It’s hard to say with out rewriting most of DT’s rules, but you can get a vague idea by imagining if every attack, was met by a Tannhauser style Shock Roll. Basically think of how a DUST Tactics game would run if everyone, even vehicles, had soft cover all the time. There would be a good chance that no one would die in three or four turns.

However, these comparison are not really fair, because the scale of the two games is so different. In my view both Tannhauser and DUST Tactics have very robust and deep combat systems. They both also do a good job of representing the type of combat being portrayed.

Well that’s all for today, I know that was quick, and maybe a little confusing, but I  just want to give players who have played on game but not the other an idea of how the combat differs. I may delve deeper into this subject at a later date.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Procurement Updates, and Release Schedule

Well, you know how every time you think your ahead financially, it turns out your not.

Oh well, on to why we’re here.


Tannhauser: Rising Sun, Falling Shadows (Novel), ships after Jan. 10th.

Tannhauser: Operation: Hinansho (released), and Matriarchy Trooper Pack, delayed till at least February. (I was going to cancel and split this order, but because of the statement above, I won’t.)


DUST Tactics (Blue Thunder), Arrives between Jan. 6th-13th.

DUST Tactics: Updated Unit Cards, Arrives between Jan. 6th-13th.

FFG Release Schedule:

Tannhauser: Matriarch Trooper Pack, at the factory, at least 6 weeks out.

DT: Allied Heroes, on the boat, expected Feb.

DT: Axis Heroes, on the boat, expected Feb.

DT: Corps Officers, on the boat, expected Feb.

DT: Heavy Kommandotrupp, on the boat, expected Feb.

DUST Warfare: Miniatures Rule Set, at the factory, expected 1st quarter 2012.

Fortress America, at the factory, expected 1st quarter 2012.

Because of how my orders are spaced out, January may become an unofficial DUST Tactics month, because I won’t have much if any new Tannhauser material.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

You were DUST, and to DUST you shall return.

For 2012 the Tannhauser Blog will be expanding it’s coverage of other games, but don’t fret this site will remain devoted to promoting, expanding, and exploring the U-Chronic Universe.

Today, we’ll be looking at DUST Tactics: Revised Edition. Now this will not be a full game review today, that will come later. Today we’re only going to look at the dust figures and how they compare to Tannhauser figures.

Oh, and special thanks goes to my wife for surprising me with a copy of DUST Tactics for New Year’s.

Well, there’s a whole lot more after the jump….

The First Artifact, January 2012 Bonus Token

As many of you may already know this year all the Monthly Bonus Tokens will be based on “Artifacts” from Syfy’s show Warehouse 13. Now, without further adieu the first Bonus Token is…

The Corsican Vest

vest13 nutral back copy

When worn, any damage done to the wearer is done to the one who caused it. It was believed it was in Venice, but was apparently found in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in 1931, but was sold on the black market before Warehouse agents could recover it. It is unknown if the wearer still feels the same pain that he or she would have if they were not wearing the vest.

The vest was once owned by Alexandre Dumas who wrote The Corsican Brothers to detail the curious habits of the people of Corsica, and particularly, the 'Vendettas', or Wars of Vengeance, carried out between Corsican families, often for generations. These events -- and the overall vengeful attitude of Corsica during the time period -- are likely what imbued the vest with its unusual properties.

Artifact, Armor • Whenever you make a Shock Roll, each natural 10 you roll results in an automatic wound for your attacker, these wounds may not be shaken off by a Command Point, or canceled by a shock roll.



Voivodes and the Magnifier: for this equipment the Voivode relaying a Magnifier attack is considered the attacker, and will suffer any wounds generated by the user’s Shock Roll.

Out of path attacks: a character attacking from another path is not insulated from the effects of the vest and will suffer any wounds generated.

To learn more about the Warehouse and the Artifacts, take a look HERE.

We will return to the Warehouse in February.

Happy New Year

That is if you use the Gregorian Calendar, if you use any of the other numerous calendar systems in the world, Happy Whatever Day it is.