Sunday, January 1, 2012

The First Artifact, January 2012 Bonus Token

As many of you may already know this year all the Monthly Bonus Tokens will be based on “Artifacts” from Syfy’s show Warehouse 13. Now, without further adieu the first Bonus Token is…

The Corsican Vest

vest13 nutral back copy

When worn, any damage done to the wearer is done to the one who caused it. It was believed it was in Venice, but was apparently found in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in 1931, but was sold on the black market before Warehouse agents could recover it. It is unknown if the wearer still feels the same pain that he or she would have if they were not wearing the vest.

The vest was once owned by Alexandre Dumas who wrote The Corsican Brothers to detail the curious habits of the people of Corsica, and particularly, the 'Vendettas', or Wars of Vengeance, carried out between Corsican families, often for generations. These events -- and the overall vengeful attitude of Corsica during the time period -- are likely what imbued the vest with its unusual properties.

Artifact, Armor • Whenever you make a Shock Roll, each natural 10 you roll results in an automatic wound for your attacker, these wounds may not be shaken off by a Command Point, or canceled by a shock roll.



Voivodes and the Magnifier: for this equipment the Voivode relaying a Magnifier attack is considered the attacker, and will suffer any wounds generated by the user’s Shock Roll.

Out of path attacks: a character attacking from another path is not insulated from the effects of the vest and will suffer any wounds generated.

To learn more about the Warehouse and the Artifacts, take a look HERE.

We will return to the Warehouse in February.