Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Matriarchy Civil War: Battle Report

Well last night I was able to get the new Matriarchy troopers on the board and give them a good test. We played a rather odd Deathmatch, which as you can judge for the title was a Matriarchy vs. Matriarchy battle. We didn’t set out to pit the New Order against the Old, but that’s what happened.

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For brevity I selected my team first, while my wife got the little one into bed. I chose Oksana, Irina, Gorgei, Two Voivodes, and the Beopripacy Trooper. I selected this team not knowing who or what I’d be facing. When my wife sat down, she asked if she could play the Matriarchy too. I said sure, you’ll have to use Natalya (Oksana would never forgive this betrayal); the remainder of my wife’s team was Irishka and the Zazigag Trooper.

The first round went as usual without much combat, my Beopripacy rattled off a couple mags at Natalya, doing only a little damage. The second turn was much more interesting, The Zor’ka, Natalya combo really brought the pain, killing both Irina and the Beopripacy in quick succession. My voids were ably to block any further advance by the Old Order. A few rounds were exchanged by Gorgei and Iriska before the end of the turn.

Turn three saw the return of the martyr Irina, but she was soon surrounded by Zor’ka and her cronies, she’d would hold out for one more turn though. As the turn progressed Gorgei took out Irishka, but he soon was lost to the big gun of Natalya, and both my voids fell to “splash damage” from Zor’ka and the Zazigag. The final turn was at hand with only Oksana and Irina trying to hold out against Zor’ka, Natalya, and the Zazigag, needless to say the turn would end with me loosing. Natalya attacked first taking out Irina for the second time, Oksana did a little damage to Natalya, but it was futile at this point. The Zazigag softened Oksana up before Zor’ka moved in for the final kill.

All in all it was much more fun than I expected, and I have to say now that the creation of the New Order by FFG was a good move, because the New Order is a sub-faction of both the Matriarch and the Union, you can play some very interesting matchups. It’s almost like having a fifth faction without actually having a fifth faction. This really makes me want enough characters to complete a Blutstrum team, and play a cool Reich vs. Reich games. As the Blutstrum act under the direct orders of the Kaiser, and both Heizinger and Horbinger have machinations of world conquest, you could do some interesting Blutsturm vs. Obscura Korps scenarios.

As for the new troopers my Beopripacy fell too quickly to get a good feel for him, but the Zazigag really did quite a bit of damage. He defiantly made me leery of moving too close to him.

One thing to note my wife’s team was really not able too make any use of Overwatch because almost all her characters had Heavy Weapons.

Well, we plan on playing another game like this soon to see how a more traditional New Order vs. Old Order matchup will go.