Thursday, January 19, 2012

Purge Them with Fire: a Scenario

Here is my first new scenario in a while, inspired by the new additions to the Matriarchy and the internal strife alluded to in the new fiction; I’ve developed a New Order vs. Old Order game using a unique combination of game mechanics. However, you won’t be able to play it yet, you’ll have to wait for the new Matriarchy Troopers to come out, but please give it a read and tell me what you think.

Operation: Burning Down The House

The insolence!

How dare that heretic defy the divine will of the goddess!

Contact Commissar Kravchenko and recall the Battle Armor Zor’ka’s combat group from the front.

The heretic must not be allowed to access the Priory!

We shall purge it with fire!

Required materials:

The Revised Rules, Operation: Novgorod, Gorgei Single Expansion, Oksana Single Expansion, Natalya Single Expansion, Matriarchy Trooper Pack, and 12 Fire Tokens.

Set up:

Use the Tesla Priory Map from Novgorod.

This scenario pits the Matriarchy’s “New Order” against the “Old Order”.

The New Order team is: Oksana, Natalya, Gorgei, Beopripacy Trooper, and Voivodes E and F.

The Old Order team is: Zor’ka, Irina, Irishka, Zazigag Trooper, and Voivodes A, B, C, and D. (The Zazigag may not use his Command Pack.)

Each team receives 2 Command Points.

Place four Matriarchy Flag Tokens on two Primary Objective Circles and the two Action Circles nearest the Priory’s entrance. These are New Guard’s goals.

Place Crate Tokens on all remaining Objective and Action Circles.

Special Rules:

The Old Guard is trying to burn down the priory, to do so the Zazigag must use an action to set fire to the indicated circles (the blue dots, see below), He may set fire to any two indicated circles with which he shares a path, place a fire token on each circle. Once placed these fire tokens deal three automatic attack successes to any character that enters them, or begins their activation on one, the Zazigag is of course immune to this effect. These fires can never be extinguished.


Since only the Zazigag may set the fires, if he is killed he may reenter the game on the following turn as a reinforcement without spending any Command Points.

The New Order is trying to recover important technology, to do so they must collect the flags from inside the Priory, only the current team leader may collect the flags. The team starts with Oksana as leader, if she is killed then Natalya takes command, if she is killed then Gorgei takes over, if Gorgei is killed the New Order Team cannot collect any more flags. To collect a flag the team leader must be in an adjacent circle, and use an action to pick up the flag; the new order player then places the flag in their play area.

Victory Conditions:

This Game last 8 Turns.

At the end of the game the player with the most Objective Points wins.

Picking up a flag is worth 3 Objective Points.

Each circle set on fire is worth 1 Objective Point.

Both teams can earn a maximum of 12 Points, if the game ends in a tie, subtract 2 points for each lost Hero and 1 point for each lost trooper.

Well I hope you give this a try, when the Matriarchy Troopers come out, the wife and I played it last night and it was pretty fun.