Sunday, January 1, 2012

You were DUST, and to DUST you shall return.

For 2012 the Tannhauser Blog will be expanding it’s coverage of other games, but don’t fret this site will remain devoted to promoting, expanding, and exploring the U-Chronic Universe.

Today, we’ll be looking at DUST Tactics: Revised Edition. Now this will not be a full game review today, that will come later. Today we’re only going to look at the dust figures and how they compare to Tannhauser figures.

Oh, and special thanks goes to my wife for surprising me with a copy of DUST Tactics for New Year’s.

Well, there’s a whole lot more after the jump….

DUST is a similar game to Tannhauser in that it pits two teams usually one German and one American against each other in a alternate reality version of one of our two World Wars. The major difference between the two games is that DUST is “Company Level” where each player can command dozens of soldiers, but Tannhauser is “Squad Level” and each player commands only 5-8 soldiers. Because of the expense of painting the multitudes needed for a DUST army, FFG has elected to release to versions of DUST Tactics, one where the figures are green or grey, and another much more expensive version with fully painted figures. I of course have what I like to call “Economy DUST”.

But now what you wanted to see the Figures.


Here’s a look at John and a basic DT trooper. I placed a couple cardboard discs under John to compensate for his smaller and thinner base. Although the bulky armor of the DT figure makes him seem larger, a close look at the heads, hands, and boots reveal a very good, but not quite perfect scale match.


Here is von Heizinger with an Axis Strumpioniere, while the DT figures stance makes Hermann seem much taller he really isn’t.


Returning to the Union and Allies, here is Barry and the same Hell Boy from before; Barry’s larger stature makes for even a better match than John.


Here is a Reich Schocktruppen and the same Axis soldier from above, the Tannhauser figure has a somewhat smaller helmet and mask sculpt, but is still otherwise well scaled in comparison.


Returning to John again, we find that wile nominally DT figures are 1:48 scale the heroes are a little larger. If you look at Rhino’s head you can see it’s just a bit larger than John’s


The same holds true for Axis heroes, they’re just a tad larger than life.


Because of the thinner base it take three of the little discs to level an Adventurers figure. This particular figure from the Adventurers is the tallest in the set.


Here is Hermann once again with his new toy. This is mostly for fun, but you can see that Tannhauser figures would look at home on a DT battle field.


Some more size comparisons.


Now the Allies/Union.


Finally we end with a size comparison of the unit cards, the DT card is the same height as a Tannhauser card, but a good bit narrower. Sorry for the distortion, cheap camera.

Well that will be all for today, we’ll have more DUST Tactics coverage in the future, so keep a look out.

One note, I have managed to locate and procure an Original DUST Tactics “Blue Thunder” base set. As many of you DUST fans may know when FFG updated DT they discontinued the original base set, and now it’s becoming a bit of a rarity.

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