Wednesday, February 1, 2012

42nd MSF Complete for DUST Tactics

As the pools of energy swirled around Heizinger, John could feel the pull of the dark forces in the vortex, then with out warning a wave of energy engulfed all those still in the crypt…

“Where are we? Barry said dusting the snow from his gun.

“I don’t know, but it’s cold,” Tala said through chattering teeth.

The Major looked sternly at his men, and then out at the vast snowy distance. “OK people we need to find some shelter, then we can worry about where we are!”

As they began to move out a squad of what appeared to be Army Rangers popped up over a snow drift… “Halt and identify your selves,” yelled a young Sergeant.

“I’m Major MacNeal with the 42nd Marine Special Forces!”

“The 42nd who!?” Said the Sergeant, “I DON’T CARE WHO YOU ARE DROP THOSE GUNS AND COME WITH US TO HQ!”

“Major?” Barry said tensing up on his trigger.

“Do as he says,” said John calmly, “at least we’ll get out of this cold, and maybe we’ll find out where we are.”

Over hearing John the Sergeant called back, “Where you are! Your in Antarctica!”

BARRY FOR DT copyCommando Squad copyJohn for DT copyTala for DT copy

Antarctica… now the question was, where was Heizinger, John thought…

I rejigged both Barry and John to address some concerns with possible overpowered stats, and I went ahead and did Tala (as a mechanic/ medic) and the Commandos with two machine guns.

I hope you folks like them, now on to the base set Reich characters.