Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Read the First Chapter of the new Tannhauser Novel

If you follow this LINK you’ll get to FFG’s preview of the new Tannhauser Novel, Rising Sun, Falling Shadows, there you can read the first chapter!


I just finished the 10 pages preview of Chapter One of Rising Sun, Falling Shadows, and I have to say it looks really good, keep in mind I don’t really read pulp fiction much, but this seems to be a good example of the genera. Its tight and well written, filled with well used imagery without being grandiloquent. It also introduces a new character: Taki Takata, a new member of the 42nd, a Japanese American from San Francisco. I won’t spoil anything for you guys, but I have to say so far I like the interplay between Hoax and Tala, the only other 42nd MSF characters in the preview.

Well I look forward to seeing more in April when it releases.