Monday, February 13, 2012

Tannhauser Online 3.0

Moebius has again updated his Fantasy Grounds plugin for Tannhauser.

Here is his post:


-New Look and Feel, everything looks "Tannhauserish" now!!!

- All useless buttons on the sidebar have been removed

- Natalya Added

- Matriarchy troop pack added (that took some pausing, capturing and photo shopping Miah’s video review...)

-Second trooper of each type added (so teams can have now 2 troopers of the same kind)

- Hoax character sheet corrected

- Bonus tokens added

- Lots of minor fixes in tokens, sheets etc...

To install same procedure as before: Download Here, open zip, extract zip on the tannhauser folder (can be reached by clicking start-->all programs-->fantasygrounds II-->application data folder

Do read the "readme" it contains all the instructions you might need.

Feedback encouraged.


Here is a link to the FFG forum page where you can get some help if you have issues: Tannhauser Online Updated.