Friday, March 9, 2012

A bunch of new DUST Tactics machines.

FFG has announced a number of new mechs and a few new SSU flyers.

Check out FFG’s news HERE.

You can also check out some image below.


You can see below the SSU are really focusing on lighter walkers and aircraft.


Above is the new SSU Airblaster variant of the new SSU ground assault helicopter.


Then we have the Burner, there is also the Striker, and the Death Rain variants. The actual pack will contain one Helicopter and a variety of weapon systems so you can create the different weapons load-outs.


The next addition to the growing SSU air force is the walker transport, this combined with the ground attack helicopter, and the previously announced air transport means you will be able to field an entire air born company. The only question is what will the point cost for such an army look like.



The other big tech announcement was two new Axis medium walkers, one is the Flame-Luther, and the other in the much anticipated Wotan-AR, laser armed death machine.


Also announced was a new Commissar squad for the SSU, they bring a bunch of new fire power to SSU armies.

Quite a lot of news for DT today, once released these will bring the DT product line to a total of 47 products. I’m sure your wallet is already cowering in fear.