Saturday, March 31, 2012

Captain America Preview Part Two

Here comes the second preview of Captain America Epic Hero for Tannhauser.

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First here is the proposed figure I’m going to be using it’s the upcoming Captain America 018 HeroClix from the Avengers Movie series.


Now I’m not a huge fan of the “I have the power pose” but I really like the look of the movie version of Capt. America. So I’ve updated the Epic version of the charter sheet to reflect this figure better.

cap ap sheet 2

Finally I have a preview of his Special Object, the…

Vibranium Shield

ca shieldca token back

This shield was built by Howard Stark for the SSR a unit within the Applied Sciences Division of the Army of the Union from a vibration absorbent metal called vibranium. Unfortunately vibranium is the rarest metal on Earth and Stark used all that was in Union possession to construct the Captain’s shield. To further complicate the matter there is little chance that Rodgers will ever give it back.

ca card sheild

This shield can be thrown at any target on your path plus three circles beyond. When used in this manner you make an attack roll against the target as normal, and place this token in the target’s circle. Additionally the target rolls one fewer die on their Shock Roll.

This token may only be picked up by an Epic Hero.

The new HeroClix line also features the “POW rescue” version of the Captain, and I may use that figure to create a non-Epic version of Steve; more on par with John MacNeal then Asteros. Here’s a look at that fig as well.


Hope you all like how this is coming along, and be sure to leave any suggestions in the comments section.