Thursday, March 29, 2012

Fan Submission: Matriarchy Bonuses

Today Artemus Maximus from the FFG forums brings us some nice bonus token ideas for the Matriarchy, and what’s great is if you have Novgorod and Gorgei, you already have all the tokens you’ll need.

First for Irishka we have a full bonus pack…


The first token in the pack is the…


This is just the standard Kaali found in all her packs. See p. 61 of Revised Rulebook.

kaali am

Next is the…

Svarog EM Field Generator

(Use the red Core Token included with Novgorod, for the Thunderstruck scenario.)

Irishka has retrofitted a Svarog Electro-Magnetic Field Generator, developed for moving large amounts of the special-alloy metal used in the Svarog Project, into her R.U.R., increasing productivity for repairs.

sefg am

Additional notes: Move one model/token at a time - Irishka's choice. Destroyed tokens can move through enemies. Models cannot. If a model/token can't move the full points, move it as close as possible.

Finally we have…

Prime Strelsky

(Use the Challenge Token with the Matriarchy symbol included with the Gorgei expansion.)

"Having entered the holy orders at age seven, Irishka was named Prime Strelsky of the Tellruci Monastery of Pskov-Petchory 14 years later."

PS Rank AM

Next is a bonus token for Gorgei…


KS-3 Bomb

(Use the 3 bomb tokens included for Gorgei's Scenario.)

The Khimicheskoe Soedinenie - 3 (KS-3) Bomb slowly mixes three chambers of chemical compounds into one increasingly unstable solution, causing a delayed, but highly destructive, explosion.

ks3 bomb am

If you have any comments or questions, feel free to post them below or HERE.

I have to say I really like these because they make use of some very seldomly used tokens you already have. Good work AM.