Thursday, March 1, 2012

March Bonus Token

Tomas de Torquemada’s Chain

Torquemada was a fifteenth century Spanish Dominican friar, first Grand Inquisitor in Spain's movement to restore Christianity among its populace in the late fifteenth century. His chain creates the same effect as the Spanish Inquisition torture rack when users tug on either end of the chain and channel their will at a target.

13 nutral back copychain


Artifact, Occult, Mental • As an action flip this token face down, and engage your target in a mental duel, the target must be on your path. If you win the target is immobilized and may not move for the remainder of this game turn. At the beginning of their next activation they must make a Mental Test, if they obtain two or more successes they break free, and may activate as normal, further if they succeed the test you may flip this token face up, and use it again on your next activation.

If they fail the test, they remain immobilized and this token remains face down, and cannot be used.


Well I hope you all enjoy, I had to make the card text quite small, but it’s still readable, especially for lawyers.

In other news my copy of Hinansho is in the mail, I’m hoping  it will be here by the weekend. And don’t forget our Kickstarter: BATTLE BLOKX.