Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A new Gateway “drug” for Gaming Addiction

Lego Heroica has been out for a while now, and I was recently able to pick up a copy of the small starter set “Draida”.


As you can see this small set is very small, you can play a game in about 6 minutes, and the mechanics are so simple that as soon as your kids are past the “choking hazard” stage they should be able to learn the game. Its combo of quick play time and simple rules make it a great introduction to fantasy gaming. The setting and dungeon crawl feel of the game almost makes it feel like D and D for kids.

My daughter will be four in a year or so and I’m hoping that games like this and the other Lego games will get her interested in gaming. So, that in a few years we’ll have that third Tannhauser player.


A close up of the cast of characters: the Wizard, the Barbarian, a goblin soldier, and the Goblin General.

The other great thing is it’s Lego so not only can you expand it with the other three sets in the Heroica line, you can use any Legos to expand and add scenery to your game. Plus what kid doesn’t like Legos.

I plan on getting the other Heroica sets as the year goes on so stay tuned.

You can learn more on the Lego site HERE.