Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tannhauser the Cardboard Videogame?

I’ve heard this term or similar versions thrown about since Tannhauser was first release in 2006, then a lot of folks called it a “Plastic First Person Shooter”, but is it?

Well I tend to agree that the theatrical nature of scenario driven Tannhauser defiantly gives it a videogame like feel, but what genera of videogame is very dependent on not only what mode you play but also what faction. Look at like this, the Union is a very gun focused team, and if their not shooting the enemy they’re usually trying to blow them to bits. So, that gives a very first person shooter vibe. But then there’s the Reich they tend to rely more on esoteric objects and magic, and while TH lacks a leveling system, Reich play still gives one a very JRPG feel.

That brings me to the somewhat hard to pin down Matriarchy, which plays very differently depending on your exact team choice. The original Matriarchy team was almost like a Tower Defense game, where the Voivodes were the towers and Zor’ka was what you were trying to defend, even Irina and Irishka were just there to support Zor’ka. Then came Oksana and the New Order, while she was still very dependent on Voids, her Union affiliation gave players the ability to combine the defensive gameplay of Matriarchy with the First Person Shooter madness of the Union. As the Matriarchy has continued to grow so to has their similarity with the Union, with the release of Natalya and the new Troopers, it’s now possible to field a very shooting focused team.

Now that gets us to the Shogunate, right now your pure Shogunate options are a pretty limited, with only five characters to choose from. The Shogunate’s huge melee focus always brings to mind the Japanese slash ‘em ups like Dynasty Warriors or Samurai Warriors, characters like Iroh with his two swords even give you a feel of a “combo system”.

All in all this is just another way of looking at the factions, If your having trouble choosing a faction, you may find that choosing a faction that matches your favorite videogame style is your best bet.