Monday, April 2, 2012

Captain America Beta 1

I’ve been working on this a lot today, so here is the complete Captain America mod for Tannhauser. First here is the recommended HeroClix figure I’ve showed in a previous post.


See all the tokens and cards after the jump…

Now to start here is the token back…

ca token back

Next is his special item…

Vibranium Shield

ca shield

ca card sheild

This shield can be thrown at any target on your path plus three circles beyond. When used in this manner you make an attack roll against the target as normal, and place this token in the target’s circle. Additionally the target rolls one fewer die on their Shock Roll.

This token may only be picked up by an Epic Hero.

Alternatively if the shield is thrown at a target on your current path, return it to your inventory after completing your attack roll.

Next we have a plain 1911 in all packs…

Colt .45 1911 A1


ca cards 1911

Now for the Combat Pack exclusive tokens…

First is the

Medal of Honor


ca cards honor


Incredible Speed

ca speed

ca cards speed

Next is the Stamina Pack tokens, starting with…

Purple Heart


ca cards heart

Then there’s,

Incredible Strength


ca cards strength

Finally the Command Pack tokens…

First the rank of,



ca cards captain

And last is,

Enhanced Problem Solving

ca solving

ca cards problem

Well I hope you like how things are coming along. Keep in mind this is the first beta so the rules may still change as well as the equipment might be swapped.

One last thing just so everything is in one place here is the character sheet again.

cap ap sheet 2