Wednesday, April 25, 2012

FFG Announces Community Wizard Open Beta

FFG has a new tool for building your gaming community. From their announcement:

The world at your fingertips

Complementing the Community Wizard’s search capabilities is a full suite of online tools. Simply create a free FFG forum account (current members already have access), and enjoy:

  • An interface that provides customized options depending on your account type. Upgrade your standard “player” account to an “organization” account (such as a retailer, game club, or convention), and become even more accessible to customers, members, and guests! For more on the specific benefits to organizations, visit our Community Wizard for Organizations website.
  • Convenient event management tools. Players can propose events through their favorite local retailers, and retailers can approve them with the click of a mouse. Manage the guest lists, send mass messages to guests, and more!
  • A robust private messaging system, including convenient color coding and optional email forwarding. When used in conjunction with the Community Wizard’s search capabilities, this helpful communication system lets you quickly connect to the players, retailers, and event organizers your searches locate.
  • Enhanced control over your collection of games. List games you own, as well as those that you’re currently playing or interested in playing. Like-minded local players can then use the Community Wizard to inform you of upcoming games and events!

Hey Check it out…