Friday, April 13, 2012

FFG announces Ugg-Tect (top contender for weirdest game of the year)

FFG has recently announced a game of caveman architecture titled Ugg-Tect, this has to be one of the oddest games FFG has ever announced, and I think it may be the only game to include inflatable clubs.

box-HB03-rightMore from FFG’s announcement: Two teams must compete to construct simple monuments out of wooden blocks... but only their leader, the ingenious ugg-tect, can see the plans. Without showing his secret Project card to his tribemates, the ugg-tect must instruct his team, guiding them as they recreate the project using wooden blocks. Adding to the challenge, the paleolithic language barrier is an ever-present obstacle; an ugg-tect and his tribemates may only communicate with a limited vocabulary of grunts and gestures, along with a few “corrective” taps of an inflatable club!


You can learn more here if your interested:

I should probably mention that this really isn’t a new game, but I think this is it’s first American release. Learn more: