Thursday, April 19, 2012

More Ideas for TH Sword & Sorcery

I’ve been brainstorming on this idea for awhile now, and have decided that instead of make generic character types, I would go a head and begin working up some named characters; it’s easier to come up with fluff, traits, and equipment if you have a name and a personality rather then a Tabula Rasa. Right now I’m thinking about doing some of the Tannhauser character’s ancestors in the year 1051, 900 years before the current Tannhauser date.

Some examples.

Colm MacNeal of the Clan MacNeal • Male, Human, Barbarian, Warrior, Ancestor of John MacNeal.

Lord Marquis Manfred von Heïzinger II • Male, Human, Alchemist, Warlock, The first of the great Heizinger Alchemists.

Adriana “the wolf” Volkov • Female, Human, Rouge, Expert thief, maternal ancestor of Gorgei Volkov.

Amet al-Andalusi • Female, Human, Moorish, Paladin, Put on her slain husband’s armor to save her village from crusaders, but was banished for pretending to be a man. Now works as a mercenary. Ancestor of Barry Brown. Obviousilly fits with the recently posted character art for the Paladin from Pathfinder.

Mikil Voronin • Male, Human, Ranger, A Russian Strelet (Archer) Irishka Voronin’s maternal ancestor.

By the way I’m planning orks and the like as well. In case your wondering how we can have orks, elves, etc, on the U-Chronic Earth in 1051, it’s easy to explain them as either U-World, or Superior World denizens, also Yggdrasil The World Tree is mentioned in TH, so elves and the like can come from the other 8 Realms.

Remember these are just some ideas, it will be a while before anything is set in stone.