Friday, April 6, 2012

Movie Poster Howling Commando Character Sheets

These Howling Commando Character sheets are base on a Captain America movie poster, so they’re not technically art at all, but derived from actor photos. These have the advantage of matching the new Clix figures better then most found art.


Above the new Dum Dum figure, below the new character sheet.

dum dum movie sheet


Next new Gabe figure above, new character sheet below.

gabe movie sheet

I’m still not a hundred percent happy with this “art”, but it’s the closest to what I want so far. For now I’m going to be moving these guys and the other howling Commandos to the back burner, I’m going to finish up The Captain. Then move on to some other projects, I come back to these in a few weeks.

All for mow.