Monday, April 9, 2012

The Star Spangled Man…

Here is the final version of Captain America Epic for Tannhauser.

First is a new rules supplement card to cover all the special rules for the Vibranium Shield. This can be used as a card back for the shield’s equipment card.

shield suppliment

After the jump are the corrected and checked versions of all the cards, tokens, and character sheet. Be sure to click the images for larger versions.

cap ap sheet 4 copycap ap sheet back copy

ca cards and tokens

Also Wizkids has posted a image for another Cap sculpt…


This is the “modern day” version of the Captain, but it’s just such an awesome fig, I wouldn't blame anyone for using it instead of the WWII version.

I’m going to leave the Great War behind for a while to work on my Sword and Sorcery Mod, but we will return to this later in the Summer.