Friday, April 6, 2012

Tannhauser Sword and Sorcery Mod

I just started working on this so this is just a prototype.

I’m a fan not just of the Tannhauser theme, but I really like the pathfinding mechanic, and the TH game play in general. But some times you just need to hack your way through a bunch of orks.

So first here is an example player character sheet.


You’ll notice that I kept almost everything, skills, the stat grid, and the inventory slots. I added a few health rows so the characters are a little more survivable. Also, I added two more inventory slots, we’ll come back to that. First I want to talk about the new stat column, the one with the star. While players will be playing co-op against a dungeon master, most of their stuff will be kept separate including Command Points, which I’m replacing with “Skill Points” the number in the Skill Point column is the number of points that character receives per turn. The new skill points are going to be used to do not only what CP can do in TH but also for almost anything that TH rules don’t already cover i.e. certain types of magic, etc.

Next is the new inventory system, characters are generic, they have a faction i.e. Human, and a class i.e. Paladin. Then they have an equipment pack based on their “alignment” There is a Just pack, a Neutral pack, and a Dark Pack. each pack contains a special object and three other tokens. Also characters receive two special tokens based on their class, for Six total tokens. Finally there will be a Chaotic option that gives you a choice of any of your pack tokens except the special objects, leaving one empty slot.

Virtually everything else will stay the same as TH, so if you play TH all you’ll need is some figs and a bunch a character sheets and tokens, TH already has two maps that will be ok for dungeon crawl play (the crypt and the labyrinth) also I converted the Cave Troll map to the pathfinding system.

Well that’s all for now on this, I’ll come back to this after I post the finalized version of Captain America.