Friday, May 4, 2012

Book Review in breif: The Zeppelin

Tannhauser fan W. Peter Miller, better known to us as Doc Savage is more then just a gamer and talented film editor, he is also a writer. His new Uchronic Tales series of novellas recently began with “The Zeppelin”. I was able to pick up the Nook version last night ($1.99), and I have to say I was through it in a bout an hour, I couldn’t put it down till I got to the end.


Without giving away too much The Zeppelin is the story of a young Clark Tyler and his mission to stop a massive new German airship in 1916, and get the girl of course. The story is full of adventure and eldritch gore, Doc’s villains the Arkanen Streitkrafte Agents, led by their dread Inspektor Orlok, are truly, wonderfully evil. Doc vividly depicts both them and the massive airship on which the story takes place.

The Zeppelin is a great bit of what Tannhauser Fans would recognize as eldritch horror in the Great War, and while Doc’s universe is unique, and in no way a TH rip off. All Tannhauser fans should enjoy it. The only real draw back to The Zeppelin is it’s only about 70 pages long, which while that’s a good length for a novella, it does leave you wanting more, but thankfully the second story in the series “The Horn” is already out.

Overall I have to give it a 9 out of 10, it’s engrossing and a great adventure, Doc’s tight prose flows well and the detail is great, although the word “Duralumin” is a bit overused. Defiantly a must read to help tide you over till the first Tannhauser novel is released.

If you check Doc’s blog you can get a printed version if you don’t have a Nook or Kindle. It’s also available via Smashwords.

Well I have to wrap this up now, I apologize for the brevity, but I’m still not feeling very well.