Friday, November 30, 2012

Dust Tactics Map Tiles in a Zip

Update: It was recently pointed out that the download link was broken, it should now be corrected, sorry for any issues.

I’ve gathered all my prototype DT map tiles into a Zip file, now I’ve included all the tiles I’ve made so far regardless of how well they turned out. That way you can just use the one’s you like. Everyone has different taste, and one tile may be like by some and not others.


One last request, if you take it upon yourself to modify or improve these tiles, please email a copy to the submission link on the right. I’ll post them here and of course you’ll receive credit, and your name will be added to the contributors list.

Below are the latest additions to tile set: a road, a bridge “ramp”, and a bridge. In the zip file you’ll also find a river bank tile. Now I know my bridge is much narrower than the “Victory Bridge” but I like the tactical possibilities of a narrow bridge. It could also double as a concrete dock.

road and grassbridge rampbridge center

Note, to get the right look, some tiles may need to be printed “flipped”. Also not all tiles may line up perfectly. Remember these are prototypes.

Take a look after the jump for a full “bridge” map example.

dust tile 2 exp copyroad and grassdust tile 2 exp copyRiver Edge Tilebridge rampRiver Edge Tilecalm water tilebridge centercalm water tileRiver Edge Tilebridge ramp 2River Edge Tiledust tile 2 exp copyroad and grassdust tile 2 exp copy